The Beauty in My Every Day

This morning I woke up and DECIDED it would be a b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l day!
My commute to the car shop (van's going in for a recall check/repair) was God's gift to me.
I saw what appeared to me the epitome of Winter Wonderland.
The trees were covered with snow.  
The snow extended and covered the fields for miles... miles!
And I praised God for the warm sunshine hitting my windshield.
The thermometer showed 1 degree outside!  Brrrr... that's cold!
But for some reason it was beautiful.  
It IS beautiful!

Why is it so hard to see the beauty in our every day lives?  
Are we THAT busy that we can't stop to "smell the roses"?  
I much more appreciate the smell of coffee... but that's not the point.  
The point is...
If I were to describe my day in detail, would I take the time to describe what's beautiful around me?  Or would I merely describe the routine, the negative, the chores, the sighs, the cold moments of my day?  
What about the sights?  The smells?  The breaths?  The beating of healthy heart?
The sunshine... melting snow... bright blue skies.
So today I DECIDED to focus on what's b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!

How is YOUR day today?

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  1. Oh, we got the most beautiful snow yesterday!!! It is still clinging to the trees and it is just gorgeous! I went outside to take pics, which is so wonderful to me to just enjoy the beauty God has placed before us. I took pics of the kids playing in the snow, too. It was fantastic, until my 8yo threw a snowball right into my new camera lens. :/ Par for the course around here! LOL!