How To Make Bible Reading a Part of Your Day

I have totally been STRAIGHT UP neglecting this space, haven't it?
But I will NOT try to come up with excuses why.  Because I KNOW why.
It's because I've been LIVING MY LIFE...
Taking in every breath from God...
...then exhaling to bless the ones around me.  More specifically, my family.

I've been on a journey this month and God has been speaking to me so clearly through His Word, the Bible.  The Holy Scriptures that we so often take for granted and let dust find its home on it, all the while the LIFE that moves, creates, inspires and always reflects God's unconditional love and care for us, gets... forgotten.
Forgotten... yes, forgotten.
We "think about it".  We "want to read it."  We even "carry it" around.  
We post pictures of it up.  We fill it with our most precious treasures... our kids pictures, valentines, a cute drawing, or a love note.  But its VERY WORDS get... forgotten.
We remember a verse here and there.
We recognize a word or two when it's quoted.
But the intentions of "wanting" to read it, aren't actually giving us the LIFE we need.

I won't claim perfection.  EVER!  So, hear this from a sister who is still growing and is on an ever-changing journey to being more like Jesus.  

As I thought about some of the lessons I've been learning this month, I decided to focus on the PRACTICAL ways to make Bible Reading part of our daily routines.  So, here it is:

1. Make it a priority.
Did you know that priority is a singular word?  When we use the word priority in a plural form, it becomes priorities.  Ok, Helen... duh!  But humor me for a sec.  When we use the word priorities, it defeats its purpose.  Priority means there is a single most important item that needs to be at the top.  Right?  To put our priorities in place, it just means we have too many things taking place of the #1 priority in our lives.  Our relationship with Jesus.  When I choose to "put our priorities" in place, am I saying that there are other things/people/places that are equally important than my relationship with Jesus?  And the answer is YES.  I want to make my time reading the Bible a PRIORITY.  Period.  No buts, ifs, or lame excuses.  Because that is essential to getting to know Jesus.  And I want to KNOW Him.  Do you?  It all starts with a decision.  Choose to make it a priority.  

2.  Schedule a time.
Setting aside a chunk of time that was uninterrupted was a challenge for me.  I get Joshua up for school at 6:30am and... confession time here... I do NOT like to get up any earlier than that.  Sure, it would be the "holy" thing to do, right?  Get up before everyone else does.  Sit on a comfy chair and soak in all that the Lord has to tell me...  BUT, unless I choose to get nothing done the night before and go to bed before 10pm, this sister is NOT getting up much earlier than that.  So...  what was THE time that was going to work for me?  Anytime between 8-9am.  It's after Joshua was gone on the bus, after I fed all the kids breakfast, but before Joel was out to the office.  That's when I choose to sit with my Bible.  This might look different for everyone.  For some, this will NEED to be before all your family is up.  It might be late at night.  It might be at nap times.  But finding a time that WORKS for your schedule and life rhythm will help you stay consistent and intentional.  

3.  Get a "spot".
I sit at my kitchen table.  After the kiddos are done with breakfast.  After the dishes are in the sink (unwashed... of course!).  Sometimes I choose to sit at my dining room/living room area, but I find that I get more distracted.  Sometimes I want to just sit at a comfy chair in the living room with my Bible and coffee at hand.  But again, I find myself getting distracted.  So, the kitchen table allows me to focus a bit more.  And that works for me.

4.  Let others know about it.
My family now knows that when I'm at the kitchen table, with my "big" Bible, I am NOT to be interrupted.  Sure, I still get interrupted, but the kids are getting better at just playing on their own, reading books, coloring, or simply... running around the house.  But I learned to adjust.  This time is important and I can deal with their messes AFTER this time with God.  My husband is also aware of what I'm doing, so he tries to protect my time at the kitchen table as well.  As much as it is possible, if he is around, he'll try to manage the chaos "behind" me.  If you need to lock yourself in your room for that time, let others know what you're doing.  Do Not Disturb signs can be put to use here, too! ;)  Or, if you need to leave the house, do it!  I would've LOVED to be able to sit somewhere else to read my Bible... a coffee shop, library, bookstore, even church.  But staying home is just more practical for my stage in life.  

5. Make a plan.
Ok, this one sounds a bit scary, but, TRUST ME, it will really help you!  Pick a book of the Bible you’ve been wanting to dig deeper, or a portion of Scripture that you’re curious to know more about.  The Gospels are a great bunch (Mathew, Mark, Luke, or John) during this time of the year.  Paul’s letters, the Psalms, or Proverbs.  Whatever you do, pick a book of the Bible and stick with it.  I’m sure God has spoken through random “just-opened-my-Bible” situations, as His Word is alive and does not return void.  But “knowing” where you’re reading each day can ease your anxiety.  For me, personally, I’ve been MORE THAN ENJOYING readying through my Chronological Bible.  It’s been so eye-opening and so refreshing to read God’s Word as a chronological account.  I confess, though, that right now it’s been a stretch to have some real practical lessons come out of Leviticus, but… I’m pushing through and God’s been faithfully speaking to me (more on that to come).

6.  Don’t rush.
I’ve been trying to engage with each text in front of me for that day.  Sometimes it’s a whole chapter, sometimes 2.  And sometimes I’m having a flood of insight and a deep conversation with the Lord over a single verse.  But I’m giving myself permission to either stop and reflect, or to just “keep reading” until I hear His voice.  But you know what… it’s so rewarding to know that in my daily reading, Jesus is with me.  Right there.  It’s a coffee date.  Every day!  I keep thinking about how sweet it would be to have a coffee date with Jesus.  Ok… haha… would Jesus really have a latte with me?  Would He take creamer, sugar, or just black?  Helen, Helen… Jesus would just LOVE to be spending time with you, sister!  So… don’t rush!  And if you need to rush, remember to ENGAGE in the conversation at hand.  Even if for a brief moment…  He deserves our full attention.  He might say something to us through His Word… Huh… what a concept!

7.  Take notes
The act of writing down my thoughts on a journal has been absolutely life-breathing and live-giving to my soul.  Sometimes I don’t hear the Lord speak to me until I begin writing my thoughts down on paper.  And get this.  Sometimes I write down the verses I just read, word for word, on my journal, and the meaning of these words comes to life!  Those few seconds between what I see on my Bible and what I write on paper are just enough time for the Holy Spirit to whisper a thought into my heart.  The same thing happens when I choose to write my prayers.  Those moments between my thoughts and my words on paper are the physical times I hear God’s voice speak to me.  Those little thoughts that I hear in between words on paper… THAT’s God’s Spirit speaking to me.  I hear it only when I take the time to jot my thoughts down.  To take it from being just a thought on my head, to physical words on a journal.  So, I take notes.  I put my thoughts on paper.  And I often write some of the verses down… and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through the echoing of those verses. 

8.  Focus on a lesson learned.
Before I close my Bible each morning. I try to focus on a WORD, a verse, a main thought or lesson that I want to remember for that day.  Something I can digest throughout the day.  It helps me to remember “the point” of it all.  And to also look forward to something new every day.  If I can learn something new about God every day, shouldn’t that be motivating me to continue to seek Him daily?  If the goal is to KNOW God better, learning something new about Him and His character through His Word is VERY EXCITING to me!  How about you?

9.  Continue to listen through the day.
Be aware of God’s voice throughout the day.  It might be a song you hear, the majesty of His creation, the tender moments with a child, that convicting feeling you have when your 5 year-old catches you saying a “mean” thing, or when a message from a dear friend reaches your inbox.  God is everywhere!  And He walks with me no matter where I go.  Even as I lay my head down to sleep, His presence still inspires me (there’s a Psalm for that!).  I remember VIVIDLY hearing God’s voice telling me to GET UP and OPEN MY BIBLE at 5:58am (yes, folks!  That’s 5:58 IN THE MORNING!).  Who else would ask me to open my Bible?  Not myself.  Not my conscious or unconscious self.  Not the enemy.  So, it HAD to come from God Himself.  Right?  Absolutely!  And He spoke directly to me through a passage of Scripture I was needing for that coming day.  Amazing stuff!  I can’t make these things up!  It’s happened more than once.  SO… if you hear a still small voice, a whisper, or even a LOUD voice telling you to PICK UP YOUR BIBLE and READ IT, do yourself a favor and DO IT!  It’s God telling you to LISTEN!  He’s got something important to tell you!

10.  Share it with someone else.
I get excited when I see the fingerprints of God in His Word.  A story, a word, or a verse.  Get excited about God’s Word!  Tell it to your children.  Tell it to your friends.  Tell it to your spouse!  Believe me!  If reading God’s Word is exciting for you, others will see the LIGHT and LIFE reflecting in your joy!  I recently read about the fiery cloud that accompanied the tabernacle while the Israelites were in the wilderness…  (Numbers 9:15-23)  How cool is that!  That God’s presence was a visible provision of guidance and direction!  If the cloud remained over the Tabernacle, the people were to stay and set up camp.  But at the Lord’s command, the cloud could move, the people would break camp and move on.  Sometimes it would be for a month or year, and sometimes just overnight!  Wow!  What faith that took!  I could just see myself there.  Would I grumble?  Would I get excited to pick up my tent and move on?  The very presence of God was so visible to the people then.  Crazy thought… but… if He were to SHOW HIMSELF to me on a daily basis today, wouldn’t I just SHOW UP for it?  Wouldn’t I just drop everything I was doing to follow His presence?  His “fiery cloud”? 

So, there it is. 
Let me encourage you today.  God longs to spend time with us.  He loves us!  And in my own imperfection, I want God to show Himself daily to me.  To be my God.  To be my strength.  To be my guide.  I want God to be my “fiery cloud”.  But it starts with our decision to intentionally come into His presence.  We don’t worship the Bible.  But we worship the ONE who inspired it and speaks through it today.  Our source of truth.  Scripture was given to us, as a gift.  But we need to receive it.   And read it. 

I strongly believe that it’s in God’s Word that you will find an increased knowledge of Jesus, a better understanding of His character, and a complete and holy guide for your faith. 

Start today. 

Wherever you are…

Princess Daughter

My Dear Princess,

Happy Valentine's Day!
I am humbled that the God of the Universe would choose me to be your mommy.  
You're a strong girl.  Strong-willed, I meant.  You make me laugh.  You make me cry.  But most of all, you make my heart full.  
Your right-cheek dimple.  Your fine, brown hair.  Those big eyes that can hypnotize your Daddy and I.  I still can't believe I get to be your mommy!

Elsie, Elsie...
The one who smiles at the sight of anything pink!  And... actually, lately... anything purple, too!
The one who sniffs her blanket when she's tired, upset, or... just because.
The one who loves Jamie Grace's Beautiful Day, sings and dances without a care.
The ones who loves to color with pretty crayons, then decides to make some change by "selling" them on Facebook!  You make me proud, girly!
The one who talks, asks questions, wonders and thinks a million thoughts, then talks and asks questions again!
The one who says the darnest things!  

Elsie, Elsie...
Jesus loves you.  A lot!  "Two THOUSAND" a lot!  Can you even understand that "big number", yet?
I pray that you'll continue to have a soft heart for Jesus.  And that at an early age, you'll choose to make Him your only Valentine.  He will forever live in your heart, even when you'll choose to neglect Him.  He'll be right there.  Always.  His arms of unconditional love and warmth will pour out so much grace, mercy, and love, like mommy pours that bucket of water on your face at bathtime! 

Be a good listener.
Try new things!
Enjoy every bite of food! (You're such a fast eater!  Slow down!)
Love your brothers and be kind to them.
Hug your Daddy.
And always remember... You.Are.Loved!

And when the world shuts a door on you, remember that God's arms are wide open for you.
When a tear falls from your eye because of someone's attempt to hurt you, remember that you are God's. If they hurt you, they're messing with your Creator, God!
Lift up your head at every fall.
Extend a helping hand to anyone in need.
See the colors of the sky, even when it's dark and grey outside.
Work on your rhymes.
Dance until you get dizzy!
Smile, smile, smile!

And remember, you ARE a princess!  Your Father in Heaven is the King... and that makes you His princess, forever!

I love you, my daughter Elsie.


Last year's Valentine's Day Letter to Elsie is HERE.  

Jamie Grace's Beautiful Day
(Elsie's current FAVORITE song!!!)

Wearing Someone Else's Shoes

I recently got a glimpse of what it would feel like to be someone else.  To think and feel like someone else.  I know.  Weird thought, right?
Let me just preface this post by saying this...  I will not go into too many details.  Maybe not many details at all.  Hmmm, now that I think about it, instead of deleting these last few sentences and starting this post over, I'll just put it out there.  I'll be vague.  VERY vague.  Just because...

Ok, so, yesterday I had one of those outer body experiences.  You know what I mean...  when you KNOW something is happening to you but you wonder, "is this really happening?"  It was like God was hitting me upside the head with a big "I told you!" but without those exact words.  

For no particular reason, I came home from that experience (I told you I was going to be vague) thinking to myself, "Ok, I get it.  Now I know how it feels to be in someone else's shoes."  To actually feel how they feel.  To see what they see.  To hope what they hope for.  To perceive the way they perceive.  I was them!  And for the first time, my A-HA moment was someone else's A-HA moment.

If you're not confused by now, I congratulate you.  Because I am utterly confused by my own thoughts.  But it's too late to delete this post.  

Wait, did I attempt to delete this post before?

See?  This is what I was talking about.  The idea of putting myself in someone else's shoes.  To assume.  To pretend that I know.  To have my opinion of what they think, see, perceive.  When in REALITY, I'm not them.  I'm ME.  And that's all I can be!  

But yesterday... it was different.  God blessed me with someone else's perspective.  Someone else's experience.  Someone else's vision.  Feelings.  

Now what?  

Now I go on, with an enriched idea of what someone else might be thinking and experiencing.  I go on with the wisdom that I, too, might be perceived the way they do me.  

Vague enough?

Top 5 MOTD

Top 5 Moments Of The Day:

1.  Chasing Noah around before bath.
2.  Having dark chocolate red berry crunch granola for dessert.
3.  Bible Study with friends.
4.  Trying a new recipe for dinner.
5.  Walking on "freshly" vacuumed carpet. :) 

Memorizing Scripture

Right here!  Right now!  I'm committing!

Okay... scary, but I'm committing to memorizing Scripture this month.
I usually would not be that excited about any type of "challenge".  But this one I'm doing to join our church family in memorizing a passage in the Bible to prepare us for what God is wanting us to "hear" this month, collectively, as a church.
Excited to see what God will do!
Even more excited to experience His miracles today and at the end of this month!
Have you ever worked through a passage of Scripture to memorize it?
The last time I did that, it was a couple of years ago when Natalie called all of us, moms, at Mottts to a 40-Day Prayer Challenge.  I was able to memorize Ephesians 6:10-18, the Armor of God passage.

Here's the passage for this month.  

The Supremacy of the Son of God:

"The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.  He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.  And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy.  For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross."  Colossians 1:15-20

Impossible for God?

As I was scrolling down my Instagram feed this afternoon, I came across this quote.
I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I read it over, and over, and over again....
Then re-read it...
And I began to think about the Sunday School lesson I had already been planning for tomorrow.


"The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working." James 5:16b

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

"Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever.  Amen."  Ephesians 3:20-21

How often do I pray like I REALLY believe that God will answer my prayers?  How often do I pray for the impossible, having faith that God will make the impossible possible for Him?  When was the last time I prayed for the impossible?  If there is absolutely NOTHING impossible for God, why am I doubting His power?  Why am I doubting His goodness?  Why do I doubt His faithfulness?  
I may not be bluntly saying that I "doubt"... but by not presenting my requests to Him, I am holding on to my human anxieties and fears, and getting in the way of God to work.  Unbelief.

I believe God has GOOD plans for me.  Absolutely!  
I believe God has blessing after blessing reserved for me.  Absolutely!
I believe that He is GOOD and that His love endures FOREVER.  Absolutely!

So, help me, Lord!  Help my unbelief!

Help me to pray hard.
To pray without ceasing.
To pray with thanksgiving.
Knowing that my prayers have great POWER.
That you hear me.


A Private Conversation

The Lord has done great things in me!
The forgiveness process He's brought me through with different people in my life brings me to the place I am today.  I DO feel free,... but something still lingers... What is it?  The Lord continues to bring my counseling career to mind.  My "dream" of going back to work... The resentment I feel towards my stay-at-home role... (tears...)  

God, I want to embrace my role.  And be at PEACE.  I get to do that!  Help me to be present.  Help me to EMBRACE that!  Could I stop "wishing"?

Let it go, Helen!  I haven't finished my work in you.  You need this time at home for things I will use you in the future.  Let me work through you.  Stop being so hard on yourself.  It shouldn't be always easy.  It takes WORK.  But don't resent it.  I've promised to be with you.  And I never lie.  I'll be with you.

Create in me a clean heart, God.  

Thank you, God, for speaking to me this morning!

"In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials,  so that the tested genuineness of your faith—more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire—may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.  Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls." 1 Peter 1:6-9

(*exerpt from my journaling & reflecting time at MOTTTS this morning)

I married a leader...

When I was a young college student, I began to pray that God would send me a husband who would love Jesus more than he would love me.  That in his heart, there would be a throne for my Savior that was bigger than the room he had reserved for me.  And God was faithful... as He always is!

You may or may not know this.

But I did, indeed, married a leader.
I married a man who loves the Lord, and takes His lead very seriously!
I married a man who loves God's Word, the very God-breathed, inspired, Written word of God.
I married a man who cares and loves His church.  
I married a man who joined me in parenting 3 beautiful children.
I married a leader.

There is nothing more attractive to me, than seeing someone who daily uses their gifts in productive and joyful ways!  I see that in him.  Sometimes it's in his reflective demeanor that I see the attention he's giving to the voice of the Lord.  He cares.  And I know he wants me, his family, and His church to follow the direction of the God he serves as well.  

Over a decade and a half ago, I had the privilege of working with Pastor Harvey Drake at  Emerald City Outreach Ministries in Seattle, WA, which is now Seattle's Urban Impact!  Pastor Harvey taught me a lesson I will never forget.  He believed that EVERYONE is born with the ability to LEAD.  I now know that he is absolutely right.  Whether you're leading a group, a family, a friend, a classroom, a team, an institution or organization, God chooses to use PEOPLE to instill change and movement towards Himself.  The challenge for myself today is... am I using the influence I have to improve others and further God's kingdom?  Am I leading in a way that is following the example of my utmost leader, Jesus?  Am I creating moments in my family where my children look at me and see love, grace, and respect?

Because I married Joel, I am a better leader.  I get to watch him lead with patience.  I get to watch him loving his family.  I get to catch God's vision for His church through him.  And I get to experience God's love through him.

I'm humbled to be called his wife.  I have faults, many of them.  I often forget.  I seldon know to forgive.  And I certainly wish I knew how to love and respect him more.  But I'm so glad that in his heart, there's a throne for my Savior, and always room for me.

Happy birthday, Joel!  Love you!

A Gift Within A Gift

A little over a year ago, Joel and I received a generous gift from a dear couple from our church:
An overnight stay at Shepherd's Gate Inn, the beautiful retreat home of REST Ministries.
We were humbled by the gift, and excited about the opportunity to "get away" and rest.
However, this gift was given to us after the birth of our 3rd child.  Noah was only a couple months old and we were unable to take him with us then.
So, we waited.  And waiting for the perfect time to retreat resulted in a few more stressful months.

But, oh... how we serve a Perfect God!  A God whose timing is Perfect and who shows up faithfully in our time of need.  My personal basic need was for REST.  I looked forward to the time Joel and I were able to retreat and rest together.  My daily and weekly demands of caring for our family, our church family, and friends were starting to weight a bit heavier lately, so I deeply desired to "get away".  

So, on a cold but beautiful evening in January (well over a year AFTER we were blessed with this gift), Joel and I arrived at Shepherd's Gate Inn.  From the moment I saw that place, I sensed God's love and care for people like me and Joel.  People who were tired and in need of rest.  To take a deep breath from the daily noise.  

It. Was. Beautiful!
It was GRAND!
It was what we needed...
We were warmly welcomed by our hosts, Chuck and Becka.  Chuck opened the big double doors, helped us with our luggage, while Becka welcomed us with her genuine and warm smile!  Our first impression of them was more than positive.  It was trusting!

The time of arrival was also perfect!  Dinner time!  The house smelled like a good homecooked meal!  And believe me!  Usually, if I don't have to cook, I'll eat anything!  But this was exceptionally blessing my senses and my palate that evening.  Yum!  So good!  Janet, one of their faithful volunteers, truly knocked it out of the park!  From the meals to the dessert!  Delicious!!!  And it was at the dinner table where Chuck shared with us the story behind this ministry.  God is SO faithful!  I was humbled by the reality that God is in control of EVERY detail.  If you happen to have a few moments, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and visit their website to get more information about this place.  Their testimony is incredible!  Hearing how God brought this place to pass, the means by which they were able to acquire this incredible home, and the faith and prayers behind every piece of the story.  Amazing!  Absolutely incredible!

REST Ministry and Shepherd's Gate Inn truly ministered to us by giving us the space we needed.  We took that deep breath we needed.  Chuck and Becka took a few moments after dinner to talk to us about the importance of REST and to pray for us.  To pray WITH us.  To pray FOR us!  And oh... their prayers were answered - tenfold!  We experienced physical healing and multiplied rest!  Thank you, God! 

Despite being such a short time there, between enjoying a quiet evening, getting to sleep in without the crying and demands of kids, spending extra time in the Word with the Lord, and going for a walk with Joel while we prayed for our family and our kids, this time away will be tucked away as a special weekend for me.  

I am so thankful that our church allowed us to take a weekend off.  
I am so thankful for our friends who saw the need for Joel and I to "get away".
I am so thankful for my in-laws who took the kids for that time.

We already talked about going back there in the near future.  

You can contact REST Ministries and Shepherd's Gate Inn by going to their website HERE.  You can also find them on Facebook at  


Today is chaotic.  

But despite the feelings I have about the mess, the noise, the dirty dishes and constant flow of dirty laundry, I find myself craving TRUE REST.  Again.  I crave the human basic need for rest.
Have you ever danced for so long, so hard, and with such joy that you found yourself taking that deep breath and saying "I need to sit down!"  Yup, that's exactly how I feel right now.  
I enjoy the blessing of being a mother of 3 healthy children.  
But I don't enjoy every moment of it!  *gasp*!!!!  There, I said it!  I don't.  
The days can be long, especially during a cold Winter like the ones we have here in Indiana.
The day-to-day chores, feedings, cleaning, washing, folding,... can be just that, a routine.

So, for this entire month of February, I'm challenging myself to take that deep breath.
I am taking daily breaths and saying "I need to sit down!"

Last year I embarked on my journey to rediscover my Forgotten Hobby.  Remember that?
For the entire month of February, I took a writing challenge and blogged for 28 days straight.

I'm doing that again.  But this time, it'll be a rediscover of what it means to REST.  
To TRULY rest.
To relearn what it means to take those daily deep breaths and to hit pause on the chaos of life.  I gotta confess, though.  It's a scary challenge.  What am I going to write about for 28 days straight?  Could I really take time everyday to rest?  

So... here's the deal!  (Yes, I'm just talking to myself here, folks!  Excuse me for a sec...)
Resting by writing.  Resting by singing.  Resting by meditating.  Resting by sharing a sweet recipe.  Resting by escaping the mundane routine.  That's all.  Rest.  Purposeful and intentional time to take that deep breath, daily.

I once read that making space for rest is the window for us to clearly see God in our lives.  To bring a white canvas in front of us EVERYDAY so God can use us to portray His grace, His love, His work in and through us.  

That book has completely shaken my faith journey with the Lord.  It's taught me more about God's love, grace, and the unconditional desire He has for us to spend time with Him.  Just because.  

So, if you were to describe your need for rest, would you be able to define your WHY, your HOW, and your WHERE?  That's the journey I've been on.  Rediscovering what it means to rest.  Learning more about my need to rest.  And enjoying the process of rest in places I could've never imagined!

So...  for today... Dance away!  Take time to DANCE your heart out!  Take time to find what brings you JOY.  And believe me.  This is all a journey.  It's a process.  Sometimes short.  Sometimes long.  But nonetheless, don't deprive yourself of truly walking (or dancing) this journey.  

Join me!