Postpartum Depression... and a new chapter with It Works! Global

Update: I've recently shared my UPDATED story on Jennifer's Hope blog HERE.  


If you know me well, you might have witnessed my Postpartum Depression months after my daughter Elsie was born in July of 2011.  She was a doll and so precious, but my mind was so distant and my body was weak.  There were nights I would just cry, in both sadness and anger, not at Elsie, but at myself or at my circumstances... my pity party often went like this: "Why can't I just be by myself?  I hate this "job"!  This FEELS like a "job"... I hate it!  Why am I crying again?  I need a break, NOW!"... and on and on and on.  What started as the regular "baby blues" became a true problem.  I was able to put on a front that everything was fine.  I wore a mask at church, with friends and family.  As far as people knew, nothing was wrong.  But I knew it was a problem.  It was a problem because it was affecting my relationship with Joshua (only 2 at the time), my marriage with Joel, and my relationship with Jesus, my Creator.  I felt alone, despite being surrounded by a strong church community, a strong mommy community, and good friends.  I knew something was wrong.
Time went by... I learned to live with it.  A year passed.  

When I found out I was pregnant with Noah, my biggest fear was that I would lose my mind.  So I prayed.  I told people about my fears.  I KNEW that I would need stronger accountability, support, and encouragement after this baby #3 was born.  

And Noah came into the world.  I was determined to fight my depression.  I tried to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, but when I became sleep deprived (still am!) and fatigued from chasing 2 other young children, there were days I found myself losing my mind... AGAIN.  "Lord, help me!" was my prayer... often.  And He made Himself present!  But Postpartum Depression is real.  And I know there are clinical causes/reasons for those "baby blues".  I KNOW.  I'm a trained counselor, remember?  I've walked with people who's suffered from this condition.  I KNOW.  I've experienced it.  Since I've never taken any prescription medication for it, I was hesitant to try anything.  Call it PRIDE.

Until one day, I came across these health, whole foods supplements called Greens.  

One of my mom friends was a distributor with It Works and offered to give me a sample of the Greens.  At first there was nothing magical about it.  But let me tell you... overtime, week after week, month after month... I could NOW feel the difference in my physical and emotional health.  I had energy.  I had strength for each day (and sleepless nights).  I wasn't craving junk food or needing the caffeine I couldn't have.  I had my angry moments, but they wouldn't linger anymore... and not as often as I'd expect them to come.  I  don't think it's a coincidence.  It was a gift to me!

So, when the opportunity came for me to jump on this journey as an Independent Distributor with It Works! Global, I TOOK IT!  Not because I want to get rich.  Not because I want to take on another business.  But because I BELIEVE IN THE PRODUCT!  Are you kidding?  If this Greens thing is balancing my insides with all kinds of good stuff, I want to share it with everyone I can!

The other side of this journey came a week before my decision to join.  I was sitting at my dining table paying my monthly bills.  It came time to write that dreaded check to cover my student loans payment.  Argh... those student loans that NEVER go away!  It's been almost 13 years since I graduated from college, and almost 7 since I finished graduate school... I brought this debt into my marriage and I feel responsible to pay it.  It's not fair to Joel.  I decided it was time to do something about it.  

So It Works! came to mind.  I want to be debt free!  I want to pay my student loans!  I want to make at least enough every month to cover the student loans payment I've been making since I finished grad school... since I married Joel.  I want that loan balance to go down to ZERO!  THAT IS MY GOAL!

So, whether you can identify with me and you suffered from Postpartum Depression before.  Whether you're dealing with anxiety issues, migraines, back pain,... whether it's a physical or emotional issue.  I believe It Works! might have the supplements your body is needing!

There's something for everyone!

Or maybe you want to try "that crazy wrap thing"!  You can experience tightening, toning and firming in as little as 45 minutes!  

It's crazy!  I've been wrapped once and here are my results!

Maybe you've heard of these products.  Maybe you're thinking It Works is only about those "crazy wraps".  But I'm here to tell you that It Works has been MORE than that for me!  It's seriously given me the sanity I need to care for baby # 3... yes, the one who just turned 4 months and has yet to sleep through the night.  I feel healthy.  I experience joy.  It's not easy.  But I feel physically healthy and able!

If you're ready to take that step and try It Works, LET ME HELP YOU!

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I'm excited about this new chapter with It Works! 

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  1. I have ongoing problems with postpartum depression, too, especially with my last two children. Vitamins and supplements help an awful lot. It is an ongoing battle, for sure. I have only told a handful of people about it. I am glad that you found something that works for you! I hope you can get some extra income, too.