Something Unusual - A 5-Minute Moment

Confession time.
I am starting this post without having ANY idea what to write about.
The unusual thing about this is that I often have at least a vague idea on what I want to put on paper, well, on screen.  But today, I'm free-flowing and filling this grand blank space on my screen with random words.
We'll see what happens.
I'm totally "neglecting" the little voices behind me right now.  I got 3 of them, all in the same room, watching good ol' Curious George!  Ahh... those sounds make me happy.  Not the monkey, but the little voices.  Almost like they're talking to each other.  Believe me... they're not!
So, before baby #3 starts fussing, let me keep typing.
Have you ever found yourself deep in thought, all without realizing that time is flying?
No, do not delete that last sentence.  Even if it made no sense.
Tell me the last time you cheered really loudly.
Tell me the last time you cried.
Tell me the last time you prayed so hard for someone, that your knees got tired and your carpet soaked with tears... real tears.
Tell me the last time you felt truly confused.
All of those questions, I could be asking myself.
Nevermind...  baby's fussing.
Gotta go!
Truly unusual, indeed.

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