Dear daughter Elsie,

On this Valentine's Day, I want to tell you how much you're LOVED and cherished!  
You bring so much joy to this mama's heart!  
There isn't a day that goes by on this earth that I don't thank God and pray for you.
Your smile makes me smile.
Your spirit warms my heart.
Your spunk for life, the dancing, singing, jumping for joy, and raising of your hands in excitement...
... and even the naughty, whinny, and defiant moments.  All of you... I praise God for your life in mine.
Your bright brown eyes, your fine brown hair, and your girly toes.
The way you sing and speak...
Your sharp memory for books and story lines...
The way you hold that microphone, spin, and sing your favorite songs!
Your half-turn somersaults, 
Your messy demeanor at the dining table,
Your "I do it myself!" attitude.
I LOVE YOU, daughter!

I pray that Christ would be your only valentine...
... the one you search, find, and fall in love with.
May you receive the gift from God that the world cannot offer you.
May Jesus grant you joy and spare you of unnecessary hurts.
But if you find yourself crying, heartbroken or in mourning
May He turn those moments into dancing!

My dearest daughter...
My hope and wish for you, is that you become a young lady who loves the Lord, loves your family, and lives to serve your neighbors.  
May your heart and passions pursue the things of God.
And I pray that as you find joy in your pursuit, you would grow to be an AMAZING woman of God!

Be kind.
Always say thank you.
Love your brothers.
Respect your Daddy.
I LOVE YOU, daughter!
Happy Valentine's day!

From Joy's Hope blog
I love this sweet tune...  if you have a daughter, a sister, a mother... check this catchy little tune!  
Elsie... this is for you, daughter!
Mommy loves you!

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  1. SO beautiful!! :) I am so blessed with 5 girls of my own, each one special in their own, unique way. Love this special message to your daughter...