Day 7 of my 28-Day Writing Challenge is all about my SIBLINGS.
I get to introduce you to 3 of the most important people in my life.
We grew up together... moved together... shared laughs together... grieved... and embraced changes together.

My baby brother Lucas...
Oh... Lucas... I love this boy more than words on a screen can describe.
We've lived apart more than we've lived together.  I've moved out, you've moved away (multiple times), but I know you continue to pursue the path that God paved for you.  
Lucas is bright.  He's ambitious.  Talented.  Kindhearted.  
He's loyal to his friends, family, and God.
And by the way... the first in my family to ever meet Joel and "approve" of my crush :)
Lucas and his babies... Maya and Logan.
My brother Steven...
The talented brother who can sing and play a million instruments.  
The one I envy for still living in the Pacific Northwest.  
Married to the beautiful Lindsey!
Big heart for God and people.
I am SO proud to be called your big sister.  
Ah... Steven... the one who got lost at the beach... the one I pulled out of a pool (still breathing, thank God!)... the one I introduced to SPU as a freshmen and now calls Seattle his home (yup, still envious here)!
Steven on his wedding day, 2011
And my big sister Shirley.
The one I look up to.
The one I trust.
The one I miss... 
... and pray for daily.
Despite years of living apart, SHE. KNOWS. ME.
We shared experiences.  Memories.  Outfits.  
Shirley is level-headed.  Creative.  Demanding.  Loving.  A women who symbolizes INTEGRITY.
Married to Stephen... the caring, loving, and responsible man I prayed would be my sister's life partner.
Auntie Shirley with baby Noah, 2013
We might not share the same likes/dislikes, weather, distinct beliefs, tastes or zip code, but we're all one in spirit because we love and serve Jesus.  
I miss you all!  

An oldie, but goodie... circa 2004

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