10 Ways To Win My Heart

Joshua's preschool class had a Valentine's party today.
It was so cute to see him get excited about getting simple little valentines, candy, pink pencils, and more candy!  I picked him up from school and he was quick to describe his most favorite valentine... a castle-shaped pink sucker.  Yup.  He said, "I want to show it to you, Mommy... but you have to close your eyes because it's gonna be a surprise!"  His excitement made me think and wonder, "Helen, what gets you THIS excited?"  
I know I've been posting a lot of different lists lately.  And honestly, it's one of the best ways I am able to express my likes/dislikes.  So today, you're in for another LIST.  These are not in any particular order.  And this is definitely not a "hint" for anyone out there trying to warm my heart with a cute little valentine.  

Ways to Win My Heart
1.  Write me a note.  Randomly.  For no reason or occasion.
2.  My children's smiles when they first wake up in the morning.
3.  Coffee.  Chai Lattes.  Tea (brewed just the right way...)
4.  Dark chocolate.
5.  Kindness.  Pure kindness.
6.  Pretty skirts.
7.  Blessing of friends who carry me through the daily routines, not just the special circumstances.
8.  Watching people worship... it warms my heart like no other.
9.  Create ways for quality time.
10.  Tell me what God's been doing in your life.

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