Being All There

There's something so serene about this quote.
But a reminder that being "all there" might be one of the hardest things for someone like me.
Am I the only one who feels this way?
On this late Saturday night, I'm sitting here in the quiet of a very S.E.R.E.N.E living room, waiting for the oven to beep as I bake a German Chocolate cake for tomorrow's church potluck, and I seriously have a million-and-one reasons to still be running around, "getting things done"...  
Oh my word!  
I  need to stop.
I want to embrace things... one at a time.  
Yesterday I had the privilege to have lunch with a dear mentor.  I love those "dates" with her.
Joel stayed home with the kids and when I got home (a few long hours later), he went on to report that the kids were absolutely GREAT and bragged about how GOOD they were to him.  I innocently said, "well, maybe you should be the full-time at-home parent, then!" Well... maybe that wasn't an innocent statement WHATSOEVER!  But, bless his heart... he already knows how much I would've loved to be working my counseling job again, seeing clients, feeling like a "professional" again.
But that's when the quote above came to mind.

"Wherever you are, be all there." - Jim Elliot.

Being "all there" might not mean being perfect.
Or joyful.
Or creative.
Or clean (haha).
It simply means... breathing and walking with those around me.
At that moment.
Being led by the One who placed me...THERE... for that time.

Where are you?
Are you "all there"?
Am I the only one struggling?

(Oven beeped...)
...can you smell that?...