My Favorite Thing To Do Right Now

I look forward to it.
I shared about it before... but READING = BREATHING to me these days.
I need it.  It refreshes me.  I enjoy it.  
There's nothing like taking a deep breath after a stressful and busy day, sitting down on a comfy chair/bed/corner, picking up a book (or reader), and engaging my mind on a story line, wisdom sharing, or more importantly, on Scripture.
I enjoy focusing on someone else's words.  Their train of thought.  Their wisdom.
I enjoy the turning of pages.
It brings me true satisfaction when I finish a chapter, a section, an entire book.
My dad once told me that when I was younger, I used to read all the signs on the street, on billboards, on store fronts, whenever I was riding in the car.
I still do that.
I read signs.  Billboards.  Store fronts.

My current reading list:
1.  Jesus Calling - by Sarah Young.
2.  Unfailing Love - A Woman's Walk Through 1 John. - by Karol Ladd.
3.  Unglued - by Lysa Terkeurst.
4.  She Did What She Could - by Elisa Morgan. (on my queue)
5.  The Prayer of the Lord - by R.C. Sproul (on my queue)
6.  Bible - ESV (English Standard Version)

Lately for me, there's nothing like a quiet house, early morning (or late night), a cup of coffee or tea, and a book.  That's my favorite thing to do right now.  Unfortunately this above scenario is a rarity around here.  But I still make time at the end of my day to pick up my Bible and a good book.  

What are YOU reading right now?  

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  1. I love reading, too!!! I read a lot of historical and amish romance and I participate in several book review programs (=free books!) I am getting ready to start Jesus Calling (as soon as I remember where I put it) and I have to finish Unglued and You're Already Amazing. I read while feeding the baby, mostly.