A Different Kind of Grief

Grief is so thick.
While everyone grieves differently, and for different reasons, grief has a way of creeping in at different seasons in our lives.
I'm not an expert on grief.  Or on how people can and should grieve.  Goodness, I can't even claim to know and understand the levels of pain, suffering, and hurt that grief brings to someone's soul.  I recently wrote about how to enter into someone else's grief here, but I'm still aware of my limitations.

Loss is inevitable.
People lose people.
People lose jobs and careers.
People lose status.
People lose comfort & routines.

Loss is part of our lives.

What Does It Mean To Have Peace?

I'm pretty sure of a few things in life.
Coffee makes me happy.  
White IS a color.
And how I feel is actually a CHOICE...

What about coffee that is so comforting to me?  

(Taken at my beloved Main Street Coffee House in Nappanee, IN)

The Song Lyrics That Have Been Breaking Me Down

What is that ONE SONG that you've listened to lately that completely broke you down?  
Not just the "breaking down" that brings a tear or two, or even those watered eyes you fight to keep sealed behind your eyeballs?  I'm talking about that ONE SONG that grabs your heart and the insides of your soul, and has a ridiculous way of making your joints and muscles turn to jello!

Nourishing and Nurturing... One Feeding At a Time

I love my children.  And if you're a Mama, I know you do, too.  I have no doubt of that.  
We may doubt our ability to meet certain self-set standards on a daily basis, and we may, more than often, beg God for forgiveness and HELP.  But as a Mama of three strong-will children, my ability to see through their behavior gets cloudy when I choose to only focus on what's on the surface.  The tantrums, the whining, the endless fights or the mean words.  When I want to speak into their character, I fail to take the time.  To look into their eyes.  To hold them and speak into their soul.  

Am I taking the time to nurture them?

When Joshua was born almost 8 years ago, my heart exploded!  

My February Favorites

Today I am sitting down to catch up and put into words a few of my favorite things from the month of February.  Some other media sources call this their "monthly favorites", "February favorites", or "monthly loves (& hates)".  I love watching, reading, and listening to those posts, videos and podcasts.  And I've been absolutely mesmerized by what people choose to do with their time and resources.

So, here on this platform, I'm choosing to name THREE THINGS I'VE BEEN LOVING from the month of February.