Princess Daughter

My Dear Princess,

Happy Valentine's Day!
I am humbled that the God of the Universe would choose me to be your mommy.  
You're a strong girl.  Strong-willed, I meant.  You make me laugh.  You make me cry.  But most of all, you make my heart full.  
Your right-cheek dimple.  Your fine, brown hair.  Those big eyes that can hypnotize your Daddy and I.  I still can't believe I get to be your mommy!

Elsie, Elsie...
The one who smiles at the sight of anything pink!  And... actually, lately... anything purple, too!
The one who sniffs her blanket when she's tired, upset, or... just because.
The one who loves Jamie Grace's Beautiful Day, sings and dances without a care.
The ones who loves to color with pretty crayons, then decides to make some change by "selling" them on Facebook!  You make me proud, girly!
The one who talks, asks questions, wonders and thinks a million thoughts, then talks and asks questions again!
The one who says the darnest things!  

Elsie, Elsie...
Jesus loves you.  A lot!  "Two THOUSAND" a lot!  Can you even understand that "big number", yet?
I pray that you'll continue to have a soft heart for Jesus.  And that at an early age, you'll choose to make Him your only Valentine.  He will forever live in your heart, even when you'll choose to neglect Him.  He'll be right there.  Always.  His arms of unconditional love and warmth will pour out so much grace, mercy, and love, like mommy pours that bucket of water on your face at bathtime! 

Be a good listener.
Try new things!
Enjoy every bite of food! (You're such a fast eater!  Slow down!)
Love your brothers and be kind to them.
Hug your Daddy.
And always remember... You.Are.Loved!

And when the world shuts a door on you, remember that God's arms are wide open for you.
When a tear falls from your eye because of someone's attempt to hurt you, remember that you are God's. If they hurt you, they're messing with your Creator, God!
Lift up your head at every fall.
Extend a helping hand to anyone in need.
See the colors of the sky, even when it's dark and grey outside.
Work on your rhymes.
Dance until you get dizzy!
Smile, smile, smile!

And remember, you ARE a princess!  Your Father in Heaven is the King... and that makes you His princess, forever!

I love you, my daughter Elsie.


Last year's Valentine's Day Letter to Elsie is HERE.  

Jamie Grace's Beautiful Day
(Elsie's current FAVORITE song!!!)

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