I married a leader...

When I was a young college student, I began to pray that God would send me a husband who would love Jesus more than he would love me.  That in his heart, there would be a throne for my Savior that was bigger than the room he had reserved for me.  And God was faithful... as He always is!

You may or may not know this.

But I did, indeed, married a leader.
I married a man who loves the Lord, and takes His lead very seriously!
I married a man who loves God's Word, the very God-breathed, inspired, Written word of God.
I married a man who cares and loves His church.  
I married a man who joined me in parenting 3 beautiful children.
I married a leader.

There is nothing more attractive to me, than seeing someone who daily uses their gifts in productive and joyful ways!  I see that in him.  Sometimes it's in his reflective demeanor that I see the attention he's giving to the voice of the Lord.  He cares.  And I know he wants me, his family, and His church to follow the direction of the God he serves as well.  

Over a decade and a half ago, I had the privilege of working with Pastor Harvey Drake at  Emerald City Outreach Ministries in Seattle, WA, which is now Seattle's Urban Impact!  Pastor Harvey taught me a lesson I will never forget.  He believed that EVERYONE is born with the ability to LEAD.  I now know that he is absolutely right.  Whether you're leading a group, a family, a friend, a classroom, a team, an institution or organization, God chooses to use PEOPLE to instill change and movement towards Himself.  The challenge for myself today is... am I using the influence I have to improve others and further God's kingdom?  Am I leading in a way that is following the example of my utmost leader, Jesus?  Am I creating moments in my family where my children look at me and see love, grace, and respect?

Because I married Joel, I am a better leader.  I get to watch him lead with patience.  I get to watch him loving his family.  I get to catch God's vision for His church through him.  And I get to experience God's love through him.

I'm humbled to be called his wife.  I have faults, many of them.  I often forget.  I seldon know to forgive.  And I certainly wish I knew how to love and respect him more.  But I'm so glad that in his heart, there's a throne for my Savior, and always room for me.

Happy birthday, Joel!  Love you!

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