40-Day Prayer Challenge

I'm in!

This morning at MOTTTS (and here), the moms group I attend weekly, a sweet fellow mom along with the entire leadership team challenged us, ME, to take a 40-Day prayer challenge.  I'm in!
During the next 40 days, starting today, I'm committed to setting aside an intentional time to "stop and pray". Not sure HOW that will happen, or WHAT it'll look like, 
I truly believe that PRAYER is at the heart of a deep and living relationship with God, and I'm willing and EXCITED to hear from Him these next 40 days.  
What will He say?
What will I say?
How will this happen?
When will this happen?
I'm not sure...
... but I can't wait.

A few suggestions given to me:
Pray Scripture
Memorize Ephesians 6:10-18 (as a prayer for my family, my children, and myself)
... and PRAY!

I felt truly compelled to begin a relentless pursuit.  
A pursuit towards desiring God's BEST for my children.
I felt compelled to stand in the gap for my children, especially while they're young...
I want to pray FOR them, WITH them, and despite my shortcomings.
I want to pray out loud!

If you remember, please pray for me...
If you feel compelled, 

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