My Secret to Looking Bright and Awake after 3 Hours of Sleep!!

For the last 8+ weeks, 
I've been averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep every night, due to my darling newborn.

It's crazy how one's body can adjust and "survive" on so little sleep... 
Believe me, I could go on and on about how tired I am and feel, and how exhausted I look.  
But I won't.  
Everyone knows that this stage will soon pass, 
so I'm hanging in there without much complaining.  

I don't claim to have a magic formula for functioning on very little sleep... 
but I have to confess...
I have a secret that totally works for me.

When I was in college, I had a wonderful professor who always looked amazing, despite the fact that she slept very little.  It was a known fact that she was way over committed, but managed to show up for class with the most amazing smile and glowing face.  
One day I said to her, "Wow, Dr. 'N', you look so refreshed! Have you gotten some well deserved rest??", and you know what she said??  "Thank goodness for makeup!!"  
I smiled and never forgot her statement.

So, I am here today to pass on her secret... THANK GOODNESS FOR MAKEUP!

I have a new found secret obsession for makeup.  I'm not a shallow person... believe me.  I am one of the most low maintenance persons out there.  But I gotta tell you... makeup is IT.  I'm able to look decent despite very little rest.  I do rely on a VERY FAST routine, since my time in front of the mirror is LIMITED to 3-5 minutes, if that!
If you're still skeptical about putting some color on your face, 
Makeup is not about looking FAKE...
It's about enhancing your features.

So, here is what I do:
1.  Cleanse and moisturize.
2.  Conceal and Cover - Concealer and either Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation.
3.  Add Color - Blush or Bronzer.  Eyeshadow (cream color all over the lid), eyeliner, and mascara. Lipgloss or tinted lipbalm.

It literally takes me less than 5 minutes to put on a "rested" and glowing face.  
I don't wear this everyday, but on days I need to go somewhere and appear a bit together, 
I know I can count on this "little secret".  

So, now that you know my secret, STAY TUNED!  
I contacted one of my "secret" providers and I'll be doing an entire blog post featuring HER.

There'll also be a giveaway!! 
I'm so jealous... I wish I could win the kid that's up for grabs!  
It should be coming up very soon... so, STAY TUNED!!

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  1. Helen, that is a great tip, I use mineral make-up and do the routine you said on the days I have to go out, I also use lip gloss on my lips too!

    Cannot wait for the blog post you talked about, also that giveaway sounds good too!

  2. I'm impressed, but I want to see a picture! =) How about a before and after...when you wake up and after you put on make up?!?!?! =)

    I appreciate make up...concealer, eyeshadow, mascara and for church some light or neutral colored lipstick. I try not to leave home without it...although I've been skipping the wear a lot more than I ever used too. =)

  3. Hang in there! God loves all of you!