Fill in the blank Sunday :)

Yesterday I came across this post from the cute Michaela's blog.  She might not know me, but I feel like I know her... she goes to my Alma Mater (SPU) and is studying to be an Interior Designer.  I can totally see her doing that and being GREAT at it!  She has the prettiest sense of style!  I'm so 'envious'!  Anyway, Thanks, Michaela, for sharing this sweet little post.

Fill in the Blank Sunday

I am happy that... September is here and Fall is just around the corner!
I am excited because... I see God at work in the people around me.
I'm craving... dark chocolate covered strawberries in vanilla ice cream, with the best cup of coffee from Vivace's (oh, how I miss you!)
If I had 3 wishes they would be... 1. Have an Ono-Family reunion, 2. My dad would meet Joel and the kids, 3. Joshua would be potty-trained!!
I miss... Seattle.
I love... God.  Family.  Coffee.  Chocolate.  Sunsets.  Fresh flowers.  
I'm thankful for... salvation, family, health, church family, friends, a/c...

And now it's your turn!  You fill in the blanks!

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