I have to confess...
My attitude has not been the greatest lately.  
I've been inpatient and short with my children...
I find myself having no tolerance for the smallest things, and no patient to deal with yelling, whining, crying, or plain defiance.
Sometimes parenting can feel like a chore, when I KNOW in my heart and mind that parenting is so much more than feeding, cleaning, disciplining, and wiping bottoms.  
But it's been tough to REMEMBER the good and the blessings that come with bearing children.
It's been also difficult to emphasize the joy when stress and anxiety blind me from truly seeing the divine moments, the miracles.
I don't want to forget.
But once again, I have to confess that it's been quite a challenge to create time and energy to rest.  
Isn't that ironic? 
It takes energy to rest...  huh?  

But today I got this card...

and my dear husband quoted Darius Rucker (see video below) 
and reminded me that "It won't be like this for long..."

Today is my 34th birthday, and I AM BLESSED!  I really am.  
Blue Orchids from the hubby
Thank you, babe!
Thank you, Joshua and Elsie!
I love you all! 

Darius Rucker's "It Won't Be Like This For Long"

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  1. You might just need a girls night out, Helen! I remember those days...and it does pass, but when you're in the middle of it, it's easier to focus on the struggles and battles (which there are battles of will's going on!)

    I'm praying for you and that you will have a beautiful birthday and a 34th year filled with the fullness of the blessings of the Lord at every turn. (((HUGS))))

  2. Happy Birthday. Helen! You ARE blessed.


  3. happy birthday! and you are blessed, and a blessing. Remember that God gave you the most important job, for now :)

  4. Those orchids are such a gorgeous blue. I speak from experience when I say this- every time you have one of those days where you feel you are just totally failing at parenting God pulls you through and gives you an extra amount of grace on the other side. We all have those days and we just need to keep our eyes focused on Him and allow Him to work in and through us. Happy Birthday!