04/04/43 - 09/09/02

Dad - 
It's been 9 years.
Life is so different now.
You would've loved your son-in-law...
You would've loved your grandchildren... they're pretty great, Dad :)
Would you still be preaching, teaching, guiding, and comforting others?
Would you still be going for daily walks?
Would you still be loving that nice warm donut and hot tea?
There are many who still remember you as their pastor, others as their mentor, others as their professor.
Many still remember you as their friend, neighbor, brother or uncle.
But I...
I remember you as as my Dad.
The one who called, the one who spoke, the one who disciplined in love.
... miss you.
And the way you guided and directed, taught and lived.
May my life continue to reflect your legacy.
Thank you!
I rejoice, for another year, that YOU GET TO ENJOY HEAVEN.
Being in the presence of our Almighty God and Creator!
And that makes me smile :)

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  1. Peace be with you as you remember your father!!


  2. Wow Helen, he sounds like a great man and this tribute made me cry. God bless you as you celebrate the man, your Father.