Encouraging Through Words... Pass it on (a Giveaway!)

If you remember my very first post of the year, I wrote about two of my "resolutions" for 2012.  

One of them was to "Be more thankful"
I gotta tell you, letting others know about your resolution really keeps you accountable.  
But I am SO glad I did.

One of the most special ways I've decided to put this ATTITUDE of THANKSGIVING and encouragement into practice was through writing and sending cards.  I am a big fan of snail mail (for those of you born after 1999, you're probably wondering... "what's that"???  I love writing letters, and sending cards and postcards.  There's something special and personal about it (remember this post?).  

It can bring a smile to someone's face, or a tear of joy in the midst of hopelessness.  It can tear hard bonds and break hearts of stone.  It can make the distance a bit smaller, despite miles in between.  And it can express thanksgiving and encouragement when spoken words aren't fully there.  

A good example is Ruth Ann.  She's a sweet and faithful servant of God at our church.  She's been taking care of the babies in the nursery for many years.  Despite her humble and quiet demeanor, Ruth Ann possesses the biggest heart I've grown to know.  Both of my children are under her care at different times during the week.  If it's not on a weekly basis on Sunday mornings, she has now begun to watch both of them once a month on Wednesday evenings while I go to the prayer meeting or help out with the youth group.  And what a prayer warrior she is, too!  I know she was praying for me as I carried Elsie in my womb, and now that she's over 6 months old, Ruth Ann cares for my daughter as if she was her own.  
How could I find the words to truly express my gratitude for her service and care for my children?
I couldn't... 
So I sent her one of these...

If I were to develop and nurture an ATTITUDE of thanksgiving and encouragement, and commit to let people around me know how I feel about them, I believe I would be more patient, less angry, less anxious and stressed.  Because if I truly believe that being more other-centered is a calling for every Christ follower, then my life would reflect the character of Christ...

So, who do YOU need to encourage and thank today?
Have you taken the time to THANK or ENCOURAGE someone lately?

I had the privilege to get the Hope and Encouragement card set from the Holley Gerth's line, from DaySpring.  It had the most beautiful cards, with the most beautiful messages and Scripture verses.  
Holley Gerth's Hope & Encouragement Card Set from DaySpring - 10 cards
 These cards are perfect reminders of God's hope, grace, provision, and comfort.  

If you want to join me and start sending cards to those in your life who need an extra touch of love, visit the (in)spire DaySpring site to get your own set of cards.  They carry several different ones, from greeting cards to thank you cards.  

And THANKS to DaySpring
I have a $20 giftcard
to give away to one of my blog followers.
(Please note that shipping charges will apply.  Minimum purchase of $20 necessary in order for $20 code to work) 

Here's how to enter:
- Leave a comment about to who you will be sending a card, and how that person has impacted you. (1 entry)
- Blog, Facebook, Twitter about this giveaway (1 entry each)

Giveaway will run until Monday, January 23rd, 2012 at 11:59pm.
I will pick a winner through random.org

Disclaimer:  The cards were sent to me for review by DaySpring.  All opinions stated are my own.  

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  1. I would send a card to my sister letting hew know how much she inspires me. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. How lovely! I would be sending a card to my friend in Africa...she is a missionary in Cameroon with her family. We met in Bible school and have been good friend since. We can easily pick up where we left off and I try to send her a card in the mail, just because it means a lot to her to get a 'real' note.

  3. I tweeted!
    Thank you!

  4. I blogged about your giveaway too!
    Thanks Helen!

  5. I have decided this year is a year of encouragement as well. I'm trying to send a card of thanks or encouragement every day. So far so good. I will send my cards to the next people on my list:)

  6. I would send a card to my mother... she hasn't always been there for me growing up and I know she beats herself up for it. She did the best that she could... and it's time for her to forgive herself, even though I have forgiven her.

    I LOVE these cards!!

  7. I would send a card to one of my best friends because she always is there for me to talk to. I have some family problems going on in my life and she keeps encouraging me.

  8. I would send a card t my dear friend Kari, she just lost her Grandmother. She is having a tuff time, they were very close.

  9. I would send a card to my mom, who will be starting treatment for breast cancer soon to encourage her and remind her what an inspiration she is!!


  10. I would send a card to my grandfather. He has been a great example of his faith my whole life. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Lets see - hmmmm I would send a card to a women at church who has been taking care of her mom who is sick - she could use the encouragement.