Pen Pals

Calligraphy Envelope Addressing by ArtfulCelebrations

Ask anyone born in the last 2 decades what a PEN PAL is, and they'll say "a pen what??" 

With our current daily lives bombarded with the fruits of technology and desire for instant (or almost instant) gratification, we got used to settling our communication styles to...
1. Texting
2. Facebooking
3. Tweeting
4. Blogging
5. Skyping
6. Emaling (even this one... becoming obsolete?)
7. Convo'ing (on Etsy terms)
8. blah blah blah...

What happened to good-old-fashioned LETTER WRITING???

Return Address Stamp-Flower by Primele

Handmade Envelopes Set of 20 by lkdDesigns

Set of 4 par avion via air mail Envelopes by LiSolanoD
When I was in elementary school, I used to write letters to my camp friends, camp counselors, church friends, even cousins and distant friends.  I remember collecting cute stationary and having a blast picking out colored pens, markers, and stickers to decorate my letters.  The thrill I got from getting the mail and finding a letter JUST FOR ME was unmeasureable! 

Nowadays, the only reasons we would send someone "something" in the mail, is if they have a birthday, or you're sending someone an invitation, a thank you note, a Christmas picture/card/letter, or a check (haha).  NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THESE, by the way!   All I'm saying is... I MISS receiving and writing letters.. just because. 

I read this verse this morning during my time with the Lord: 
"I have much to write to you, but I do not want to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to visit you and talk with you face to face, SO THAT OUR JOY MAY BE COMPLETE". 2 John 1:12 

How beautiful is that?  There is an asumption that the only reason we wouldn't WRITE to someone, is because we will see (or plan to see) them face-to-face soon. 

challenge for myself: 

What about YOU? 
Did you used to write letters?  Did you have pretty stationary paper like me? 


If you would like to become my distant pen pal, leave me a comment with a way to contact you (email, etsy shop), and I'll make sure we swap mailing addresses.  It would be so fun to bring back this wonderful tradition. 
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  1. What a meaningful post. I know I am much older than you but I had penpals also and what a thrill to get a letter.

    Remember S.W.A.K?? :o)

    Since my arthritis cause me much pain to handwrite I type my letters and print them out just signing my name but the heartfelt is still there.


  2. Thank you so much for including our custom calligraphy flower return address stamp in your awesome blog post! Happy letter writing!

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm 22 and I had penpals until I was about 16 (maybe older lol.) I was the same way, always wanting to run to the mailbox! I'd love to be a penpal. I had stationary, stickers, gel pens (THE WORKS.)