Updates on the kiddos... and a winner!

Some of you have asked me how the kiddos are doing.  

As a mom, I'd like to believe that my children are the BEST!  And THEY ARE!
I have a few rough days here and there... and believe me... they are ROUGH!
But for the most part, Joshua and Elsie are pretty happy, healthy, and energetic kids.

The Winter months are extremely tough on Joshua, since he's my outdoor-lover boy.  
Like father like son.
Joel loves to be outside... and he instilled that spirit in Joshua at an early age.
Remember this shot?  Joshua was about 2 months old then...

So needless to say, when it's snowing outside and the temps drop to single digits, Joshua's stuck at home...
But a couple of weeks ago, Joel decided to hook our snow sled to one of his tractors (again) and take us for a ride...

It was fun!

As for Elsie (who didn't seem to enjoy the snow...)
She turned 6 months on the 13th... she's so sweet and so feisty at the same time.  
Such a mommy's girl, too.  

Here's a few shots of my baby girl...

And finally, THANK YOU so much for everyone who took the time to enter the DaySpring giveaway.
It was SO touching to hear your stories and learn that there are so many out there who are struggling and needing an extra word of encouragement.  My heart truly goes out to you guys, especially those who are walking closely with those hurting, grieving, and in need of encouragement.
I wish I had something special for each and everyone.  Know that my prayers go out to you!

And the randomly chosen winner was...
#8 comment:
"Sharmon said...

I would send a card t my dear friend Kari, she just lost her Grandmother. She is having a tuff time, they were very close."

Congratulations, Sharmon!
Since I don't have a way to contact you, 
please contact me at helenscorner1(at)gmail(dot)com 
to claim your$20 giftcard!
You'll have 48 hours contact me, ok?

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  1. Your family is so precious.

    Congrats Sharmon!

  2. Your little ones are adorable!!! Love the pictures. The sled behind the tractor looks like fun.

  3. I know what you mean about the kids being the best thing EVER and the most challenging! So rewarding and exhausting at the same time. Your family is beautiful, Helen.

  4. I miss your posts in the CAST thread. Glad to see everything is going well. The kids are adorable and that looks like so much fun!

  5. Oh my gosh your little girl is SO cute!! I love that stage and I miss it!!