Feeling the Love...

Earlier this week, a new found friend posted a Featured Blog Post on ME!
Her name is Joii (isn't that a beautiful name???) 
and you NEED to check out her blog. She approached me a few months ago and asked if I would consider sharing some thoughts on her blog.  I was HONORED to do so, and said YES right away.  

Joii is so inspiring... she's a beautiful woman throughout and I would LOVE for you to meet her, too!

If you want to check out the post, click here.  

Also, don't forget to check out my current GIVEAWAY here.
It'll end early next week.  

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  1. Hi Helen. I'm blessed to know you! Thanks for the shout out. :-)

  2. Just saw from your profile you're an Indiana gal! Me, too! How crazy is that! =) Hope you're having an awesome new year! =)
    Kristina J.