Joshua's Book Rotation

I thought you might want to have an idea on what's on rotation as Joshua's
FAVORITE books lately.

So here it goes:

by Denise Doowling Mortensen
Good Night Engines

by Caroline Jayne Church 
The More We Get Together

by Rachel Fuller
Waiting for Baby (My New Baby)

by Peggy Rathmann
Good Night, Gorilla

by Priddy Bicknell books
My Big Truck Book -- 2002 publication

We can sit through the same 5 books and read them OVER and OVER and OVER again...  He loves looking at them!  I get tired of reading them OVER and OVER and OVER again, but I KNOW I won't be able to take these sittings back once they're gone.  

For any suggestions on books he might like 
(on tractors, trucks, anything with wheels...), let me know!

PS:  By the way... the first 3 books listed here belong to the local library!  I've renewed them twice (we've had them for over a month now!), so I'll really need some new books to entertain Joshua and get his mind off of these...  Help!

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