Change = Growth?

Recently, a friend and past co-worker of mine blogged about the subject of CHANGE.  One of the thoughts she had was that, despite our desire to experience new things, change is still scary and unpleasant at first.  

 According to the good ol' Webster's... CHANGE can be defined as "to make different, to replace with another, to make a shift, to undergo a modification, to undergo a transformation." And the list goes on and on.  But you get the idea, right?  To CHANGE means to ACTIVELY EXPERIENCE something other than what you're familiar or used to.  

So, what are my thoughts?  I am a strong believer that in order for us, human beings, to grow, develop, and improve ourselves, CHANGE is absolutely pivotal to such processes.  Between Sunday School lessons I've been sitting in, books I'm reading (The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter - EXCELLENT, by the way!), and my personal devotional times with God, I've been coming back to this idea of putting off my old self, putting on the new self, which should be a reflection of Christ's character and values in my life.  CHANGE is required if I want to maintain continued growth in my physical, spiritual, emotional and social life.  I DO NOT want to live life stuck in ruts...  I want to "[forget] what is behind and [strain] toward what is ahead, pressing on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." - Philippians 3:13b-14.

I need to admit that CHANGE can be scary sometimes, too.  Last night was Joshua's first time sleeping on a "real" bed.  We have been planning to transition him out of his crib and into his full-size bed before Baby #2 arrives in July.  So, last night was the night.  As a mom, I couldn't help but hesitate to leave him in his room, by himself, on his "big" bed.  
What if he falls?
What if he wakes up and doesn't know where he is?
What if it's too cold?
What if it's too warm?
What if he doesn't like it?
What if he can't sleep?

Joshua is 4 days shy of being 2 years old, and for a split-second last night, his entire future flashed before my very eyes.  I started thinking about how fast he is growing, how he will one day be in school, graduate, find a wife, get married, and I'll be a grandma...  WHAT???  I know, I know, I know!!  I KNOW I'm overreacting, but seriously, putting my baby in his own bed last night made me realize (once again) that life is precious and I won't be able to take these early years back.  And when Baby #2 comes...  
CHANGE will really park in my driveway and stay for a while.  

However, I can't help but rejoice in what God has gifted and blessed me with during these last few years of my life.  There were CHANGES gallore and looking back... 
CHANGE brought GROWTH, joys, pruning, new friends, and freedom...  

My friend ended her blog entry with this statement, "in the end, you'll never know if you never try." And I couldn't agree with her more.  Thanks, Meredith... for making my thinking wheels turn.

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  1. Awesome blog post, Helen. At my age, 65, I have seen change, time after time. My daughters are 37 and 38. I am a grandma. I can remember the days that they were born. Time and change flies by. We need to truly relish every day. My grandson JUST turned 18. I remember the day he was born. However, with his growth and change, I adore him and love to be around him. Change is scary but it is always bringing life to a better level.
    Blessings to you♥

  2. Ah yes, change...sometimes change is a great opens news doors...and as you said, while scary, it can be a great blessing.

    It is amazing how quickly children grow...when you leave the baby days behind and they become independent...think for themselves and have their own's even more exciting! =) Definitely cherish the time...time is fleeting. It passes so quickly!

  3. you expanded upon my thoughts beautifully, helen! change does bring growth, and no matter how scary that is, it's necessary for self-improvement! i liked your take on it, that it also makes us appreciate the "here and now" b/c you never know what the future holds.

    great minds must think alike. ;]

  4. Yes change, I was just talking to my SIL about that yesterday, its the one constant thing we have.

    I remember those first things, that happened when my kids were little, those are precious memories, I am happy to hear that you are expecting in July baby #2.

    Take care...