Joshua is TWO!

This past Saturday was Joshua's second birthday!

I really cannot believe how fast this boy is growing... and getting older, faster, smarter, naughtier, messier... but more loving, handsome, and definitely more curious about the world around him.

We had a small get-together with his cousins and a couple of his new lil' friends. 

 I totally failed to take more pictures, but I DID manage to snap a few of the infamous cake (thanks, Darla P. for your HARD work on this fabulous replica of the "green" tractor!  You're a true artist!)

and of the other "treats" for our guests.

Joshua, mama is so proud of you!  
Mama loves you lots!

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  1. Oh Helen! He is the cutest!! You are having another baby just in time for the "terrible" twos. Perhaps you will be spared. :o)


  2. Happy Birthday Joshua! He is growing so fast and he is so handsom. I love the tractor cake...I'm a John Deere fan.

  3. Oh, he's so cute! Happy Birthday Joshua! Love his cake!

  4. Happy birthday Joshua!!! AWESOME cake! Luke would LOVE it...I'll have to keep that one in mind for his 3rd birthday! Can't believe our boys are 2! A newly 2 year old and a newborn...I'm there too, my friend! It's manageable (with God's help), I promise!