God Made Me.... Slugs & Bugs Style??

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Let me introduce you to one the COOLEST gifts my son Joshua received from my friend Alison (Thank you, Alison!!!).  Whether you have a boy or girl, or if you're just a big kid at heart, this will definitely bring a smile to your face. 

It is called SLUGS & BUGS & LULLABIES!

Alison sent me this in the mail when Joshua was about...  hmmm, 3-4 months old.  It was around the time when Joshua would scream during an entire car ride.  UNTIL I started playing some of these HILARIOUS, CATCHY, and SWEET tracks, like " The Lord Bless and Keep You", "Tractor Tractor", "Chicken Wiggle" (oh my goodness...that is my son!!), and "God Made Me." 

Here's a sneak peak of track # 4 God Made Me:

God made slugs and bugs and rats and bats
And nasty bees that don't say please
They'll sting your elbows and your knees if you chase them.

God made snakes and snails and killer whales
And if you were a baby seal
Then you would make a tasty meal for orcas.

But God made me like He made the sea.
He filled it up with green and blue
He sent His Son, His Only One
To fill me up and make me new

Is that so sweet???  Anyway, I am NOT working for these guys, but seriously... I should really see if they could use another marketing person!  Check them out!!!  Seriously!  It's hilarious. 
One of my goals is to have Joshua be able to sing all 18 songs... one day.  I only play it when we're in the car, so he still loves listening to this CD on our way to the grocery store, post office, or even church.  Again, so sweet (and hilarious!).   

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  1. Helen,
    What a great goal to have him memorize all those songs! That beats computer and TV any day!
    Patty (catcalls)

  2. This is so fun! I need to check it out for my grandkids!

  3. My children love listening to Bible Songs in the car...this CD sounds like it would've been great to have when they were little too!

  4. Gotta love those cd's. Music just has a way of making everything more enjoyable - even for kids!
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