50 Random Facts About Me

I was recently inspired by Regina to work on my own Random Facts list.  So, here it is!  These are in no specific order...  Enjoy!

1.  I was born in Brazil.
2.  Dark chocolate makes me happy.
3.  i can't stand extreme weather... either too hot or too cold.
4.  I lived 10 years on the west coast, before moving to the midwest.
5.  I'm a pastor's wife.
6.  I'm a pastor's kid.
7.  I like watching the news.
8.  I like to cook, but I love baking.
9.  I wish I were more creative.
10.  I admire people who read lots of books.
11.  I learned to like country music after marrying a farm boy.
12.  I had a New Kids on the Block obsession 20 years ago... and just to my first NKOTB concert last year :) .
13.  I played the piano for 5 years when I was little.
14.  I don't like running.
15.  I love going for walks.
16.  I have a secret crush on the color pink.
17.  Method of organization... I make piles.
18.  Cutting coupons is like a game... how much can I save today?
19.  I used to name everything George.
20.  I like turtles.
21.  My favorite color is red.
22.  Daisies make me happy.
23.  I majored in Psychology.
24.  I minored in Youth Ministry.
25.  I love the water, but can't swim very well.
26.  I wish I could travel more.
27.  My mother is an identical twin.
28.  I have 2 younger brothers (in 2 different states), and an older sister.
29.  Drinking coffee at home saves me money.
30.  I like rice pudding with cinnamon.
31.  I haven't gone to the movies in over 2 years.
32.  My sewing machine doesn't have a cover.
33.  People always think I'm younger than my real age.
34.  I'm allergic to cottonwood trees.
35.  My newest dream is to own a fabric store someday.
36.  I've never done drugs.
37.  My husband is 3 1/2 years younger than me.
38.  I commute 38 miles to work (one-way).
39.  I love and miss Seattle.
40.  My favorite type of food is Thai.
41.  I'm a homeowner. 
42.  I learned to knit on my own.
43.  My favorite snack is Nutella on toast.
44.  My son looks like me, but acts like his father.
45.  My favorite TV show was "My So-Called Life" (too back it only lasted 1 season).
46.  I enjoy going to the botanical gardens.
47.  I have a vegetable garden in my backyard.
48.  I'm a compassionate person.
49.  My middle name is Kaori.
50.  Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

Now it's your turn!  Let me know if you decide to do one, ok?

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  1. Wow, very awesome! Were you a missionary kid? Is that why you were born in Brazil? I have friends from Brazil. =) I love em!

    So many nice things to know about you...I don't know if I can think of 50 things to write about myself...we'll see if I get ambitious!

    Back to sewing. =)

  2. 16. Me too! :)
    17. Yep, I do that a lot too.
    22. "Daisies are the friendliest flowers." - You've Got Mail.
    26. Me too... one day... one day...
    35. And it would be awesome!
    47. I'm working on ours
    50. AMEN!

    It was great to read all of this. I'm glad you did it too! :D

  3. Love this post! So fun to find out more about others and to see what we have in common.
    2) Dark chocolate, the other food group! :-)
    10)Me too, where do they find the time? (I read too slow...)
    33) Same here, ain't it fun?
    41) Me too!
    50)Amen and Praise the Lord!!!!

  4. This was fun to read. Like I was getting to know you.
    :o) button

  5. I love your list. Believe it or not, I have been thinking about doing this since Regina did it. Maybe I will!!

  6. WOW! Great Helen...perhaps I may do one ♥ Thank you for posting it :o) your middle name Kaori is beautiful ~ sweet scent of our Lord Jesus Christ

  7. This was great to get to know you a bit better!
    1. I was born in Seoul, South Korea
    2. Dark chocolate does NOT make me happy
    3. I'm the same way!
    4. I'm a PK too!
    10. I read lotsa children's books...do you admire me? :)
    21. My favorite color is red also!
    30. I don't like rice pudding becuz of the texture
    33. Same here...it gets quite annoying to me
    36. Me neither
    37. My husband is 2.5 yrs. younger than me.
    50. He's mine too! :)