My March Favorites

How is it already April!!??
March tends to be a long month, but I cannot believe how fast it came and went!  Am I the only one who feels like that?
Anyway... before I dive into all things April... Easter... Exciting giveaways (coming up soon, I promise!)... I am here to share the THREE THINGS I've been loving from the month of March!

Favorite #1:  Going to my local public library.
I've been going to our local library for years, ever since we moved to the area, 6 years ago.  I'd take my children to pick up books, go to their weekly Story Hour, and even check out books for their classrooms once in a while.  And I had been checking out books for myself occasionally... here and there, nothing too consistent.  BUT... y'all...  I've been really enjoying checking out books for MYSELF there lately!  I wanted to put reading into my favorite list once again... but I realized that the actual browsing of my local library needs a special mention this month.  And a big shout out to the Wakarusa Public Library staff (Shondra, Matt, Kristen, Marcia, Jane and everyone else who puts up with my comments, requests, and suggestions)!

Favorite #2:  The Weather.

If you live around me in Goshen, Indiana, you're probably wondering WHY the weather made into my favorites list.  It's been raining a lot.  It's been cloudy at lot.  And we have the occasional few hours of sunshine.  It's Spring and it reminds me of my Seattle days.  This month's weather brought such nostalgia to my days.  I found myself with a warm cup of coffee or tea, a soft blanket and a book in hand.  I met up with friends over coffee while the rain fell outside, and I absolutely felt "at home".  I understand I might be the only person on this side of the country who would yearn and miss this kind of weather. Cloudy and rainy.  And to be honest, I'm okay being an outcast on this one.  It's comforting to me, despite being so far away from a place I truly love.

Favorite #3:  Receiving random packages in the mail from friends (new and old).
I was so spoiled this month!  I received some unexpected goodies in the mail from a few friends from around the country!  It made me feel special and inspired!  If you're reading this post, consider yourself tagged.  Send me a little note with your mailing address and you "just might" receive something in the mail this month from me... **wink, wink**

So, there it is, friends!  My THREE favorites from March!
Let me hear from YOU, now!  What were some of your favorite things from last month?

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