Meet My Friends: The Inspire Shop & A Giveaway!

Today you're in for a special treat!
I have been anticipated this post for a LONG time, as I've been parading around my house and secretly enjoying my "Write Your Heart Out" mug for the past few weeks.  (Hint... keep reading for an exclusive giveaway!)

I met Tiffany about 6 years ago.  We both had Etsy stores and somehow, through the beauty of Etsy networking groups, Tiffany found me.  What began as a friendly exchange of emails became one of those distant friendship relationships which you trusted that, if you didn't hear from them for a while, they were still okay... y'know what I mean?  Tiffany and I went through quite a few transitions and in the last year, we were able to regain communication and check in with other in our "spare" mommy schedules!  OHHHH... and check this out!!!  When we first met, I was the new mom!  Joshua wasn't a year old, yet!  And Tiffany (along with her husband Ricardo), still had no children!  Oh, how time changes EVERYTHING!  

Fast forward a few years, and now Tiffany and Ricardo are following God's amazing plan for this season in their lives.  It's SO exciting!  I can't wait for you to hear the rest of her story, and to get to know her a little bit better! 

And stay tuned TIL THE END!!!!  Tiffany has a special treat for one of my friends here at Helen's Corner!

Here we go...

1.  Tiffany, tell us a little bit about you and your family.

I love pretty much all things creative and Jesus. I am married to my high school boyfriend, Ricardo and we are parents to four littles, five years and under: Penny, Jude, Ryland and Skyler. We have doubled our family through foster to adopt and are passionate about foster care and adoption, as we wait on the finalization of Skyler’s adoption in the next few months (thus, the cropped picture... foster care legalities). We currently live in West Sacramento, CA where we are in the process of starting a church extension. 

2.  What is the biggest challenge you face as a Mother?  What is the greatest joy?

At this season, being a mama is exhausting. We are currently in a full week of hardly any sleep with a teething baby. We have appointments with social workers and extra paperwork and in a new community all the while starting a new business, so juggling all that can be crazy at times but it is in those moments that God always reminds me of grace and slowing down. Becoming a mama has greatly changed the way I see the relationship of God as the father. As I parent, God reminds me of my own disobedience while I am giving a time out to my three year old and things like that, which keeps me grounded and able to give the grace he gives me.

The greatest joy is seeing the little people God has created them to be and allowing me to be a part of it, as their personalities are forming and their strengths are growing. When they pray for each other or for a friend who is sick or ask questions like "can God forgive Satan?" or tell the truth even when they disobeyed or remind me how big God is or give hugs, my heart is full.

3.  How do you connect with Jesus?

Prayer and bible study. When Jesus found me in college, I dove in to Bible studies and reading the bible and listening to sermons but it was not until I started to scratch the surface at prayer when I became a mama that I began to understand what it means to be in a relationship with Jesus and abiding in him. Listening prayer, taking time to listen for a response rather than leaving all my praise and petitions and thanksgiving at his feet, has been a game changer, as well. When we know the voice of the Holy Spirit, like that of our spouse or friend, and can tune out our own thoughts or otherwise, we can truly be vessels to be used by God in even the smallest of tasks. 

4. I'm so excited about your new endeavor!  Can you tell us about The Inspire Shop and what is the story behind it?

The Inspire Shop is a place to find encouragement throughout the day and for the purchases to keep on giving that encouragement. Each month we will be meeting with women coming out of hard places to do an event in the Sacramento area with art therapy of sorts and share the gospel as we get to know them, hear their stories and craft life alongside them.

The birth of the shop started nearly two years ago, as God started drawing me to start a creative business. With three small kiddos at the time, I did not think much about it. At the time I was also running a craft night ministry, Pocket Blessings, where we would get together and share a small message and craft. All the crafts made were given to various places in our community - nursing homes, halfway homes, schools, women coming out of trafficking, NICU, etc. - as a way to encourage them and share the love of Jesus. Depending on the delivery method and the organization, we would pray for them and hear some of their stories.

As we moved along with Pocket Blessings, God kept nudging to get out of the church to BE the church. To take the gospel message and the craft supplies to the people we were giving them to and allow them to make it instead and get to know them as we crafted.

Last year, God led us on a family road trip and as we drove when the kiddos were asleep in their car seats and the trees of Flagstaff, Arizona faded to the cactuses of Phoenix to the beaches of San Diego, Bob Goff read us Love Does over the speakers. In the final chapters, he spoke of how he worked with lawyers in Uganda to help children get back to their homes after being in prison for petty crimes. As Ricardo and I commented on parts of the book, conversations of helping women coming out of hard places and starting a business resurfaced, all the while the presence of God was near and overwhelming. We continued to pray and seek God about what that would look like exactly in the following months. Last May was the final Pocket Blessings and we have been in the works of The Inspire Shop ever since, slowly watching God move and connect in ways only He can.

5. How can we partner with you and pray for you?

I would love prayer for the women we will be meeting, that they would be open for healing and for love and joy to abound in their life despite their circumstances.

Prayers for the volunteers who will be helping orchestrating the events, that will have open hearts and love for the women.

Prayers for open doors at the homes and organizations we will be partnering with and navigating what things will look like, as each location is different.

6. And finally, since I love to read, I'm curious... what have YOU been reading lately?  Any recommendations?

With limited time, reading has been mainly focused on the Bible and an awesome prayer devotional: Magnificent Prayer by Nick Harrison. I have been in to memoirs as of late and itching to read He Speaks in the Silence by Diane Comer. Mercy Moves Mountains by Nancy Alcorn and Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge have been on my night stand for months, as I find a moment or two here and there to read. Both of which are amazing. 


Now, STOP RIGHT NOW!  Go to THE INSPIRE SHOP and browse around.  Yes, NOW!

And while there, take a look at all of her items for sale.  A portion of every sale will go towards funding Tiffany's ministry, and I'm thrilled to be sharing her story with you.

Also, check out her FREEBIES tab!  She has a TON of amazing and beautiful resources for everyone!  I love her heart and generosity.


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