Can I pray for you today?

I am fully aware that you might be going through some tough times right now.
And I'm also fully aware that we have a real enemy whose sole purpose for existing is to steal our joy, to kill, devour and destroy us.  

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.  I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."  John 10:10

This verse has been coming up A LOT lately.  In multiple talks, multiple gatherings, and even multiple sermons (near and far).  So when this awareness gets heightened and my ability to sense temptation is greater, I open my Bible and ask God, through prayer, to fight these battles for me.

So, let me remind you today.  
We have a real enemy.
And his strategies aren't always "loud".  Actually, they can often seem subtle and harmless.  

And if you let me, I'd love to PRAY FOR YOU.  Seriously.  I want to intercede for you, friend.  Feel free to send me a quick note through email (Contact Me tab), on FB, or even in the comments below. Tell me how I can pray for you, and I will.  

Also, let me share with you a very powerful tool.  

I randomly met Sue Carroll at the Abundance conference in Fort Wayne, IN last Fall and have been completely in love with her work.  You NEED to check out her 1Arthouse website and ALL that she does!  One of the most beautiful pieces of art that she created has been WITH me since I saw it a few weeks ago.  It was inspired by Priscilla Shirer's book The Armor of God, and I wanted YOU to have it, too.

But, seriously... there are a ton of other FREE printable files on Sue's website and I'm sure you will love her work!  (She has no idea I'm sharing this with you all!  But if you happen to browse around her site, tell her I sent you... hehe... It'll be our little secret...)

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