Prayer Challenge - Day 4

Just a quick update...

God knows what I need.
And today, I needed to be silent.  I'm sick.  Without a voice.
Literally... Losing my voice prevented me from yelling or complaining.
I'm pushing myself to NOT use my vocal cords, which is a challenge.
I stayed at home from church this morning, but God is FAITHFUL in meeting me where I am.

Here are some words I read from Out of the Spin Cycle: Devotions to Lighten Your Mother Load by Jen Hatmaker.  

OH so true, and something that was said to us at MOTTTS this past week:

"Perhaps no service rendered to our children is more important than our intercession.  A mother's job is to pray for her children while they don't have the words, understanding, or insight to pray for themselves.  We stand in the gap, praying for their salvation, gifts, and lives, much like the Spirit prays for us.  What matters when we pray is not the lovely (or weird) words we use.  It doesn't matter if the prayer sounds pretty, if it flows right, if it's in the some perfect order, or if it was long enough.  You don't need to be an accomplished public pray-er or fluent in Christian lingo." (p.25) 

So today I'm resting my voice.  I'm letting the Lord speak.  And what a beautiful reminder that when my children have no words or understanding to pray for themselves, I CAN STAND IN THE GAP FOR THEM!  What a beautiful thing! 

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