The week in review

What a week! 

Last week we drove to Indiana to see Joel's family.  It was a short visit.  Joshua got to see and ride on Papa's REAL tractor!  He LOVES tractors!! 

(Joshua and Papa)

And here are some cute shots of Joshua and his cousins...

Grandma, Papa, and all the kids...

Then this past Monday, my mother and sister flew in.  My mom is still in town, but my sis had to fly back to San Francisco on Thursday.  She and her husband will be moving to England at the end of this month.  It was a bitter sweet time with her.  "We'll miss you!" 

I can't believe Joshua will be turning ONE next month!  He is a true blessing!

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  1. Helen, these are such cute pictures. Joshua sure is growing up fast. I love the tractor pictures...I am a big John Deere fan.

  2. Joshua is a doll! (But you already know that!)

  3. Love seeing what you've been up too...I've missed seeing you!

    Josh is such a big boy! Enjoy every minute...they grow so fast!

    Sorry about your sister...I can relate to having family and friends far away. Dh's parents are in Africa and I will be saying goodbye to my dearest friend in a few short months...I cry to think that she's returning to Africa...but thank the Lord we can email and it's so nice to have modern conveniences!

    God bless!