My Summer Reads

This is really embarrassing.  I've been wanting to blog on a daily basis... I even have it all "thought out" in my head... things I want to share, pictures I want to post, recipes I've been loving to pass on, random thoughts (like these...), and much more!  But I've been pulled in too many directions and quite frankly, I would rather sit and read a book.

I can't believe that Summer is almost here.  But I'm excited to welcome a season that I associate with vacations, good weather, days at the park, bike rides, lazy times with friends, good movies, and GOOD BOOKS.  I'm looking forward to putting together a list of some good books I've been wanting to read.  And here are some that are on the Helen's List of Reads:

Do YOU have any suggestions for a good read this Summer?  I am welcoming any suggestions.  Leave me a comment!  Also, if you've read of the ones I listed above, let me know. 

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  1. Your posts are really awaited bye a lot many real bloggers. We look forward to some really nice posts as you say in this post.

  2. Oh dear...I don't find time to read...but maybe this summer I will. I plan to take the children to the library at least once a week...we'll see how that goes. =) Thanks for the reading suggestions.

  3. That One in a Million book looks really interesting! I just read "I Surrender All" by Clay & Renee Crosse. A fantastic book that I highly recommend.