Couponing Update

I'm officially in need of help!

Seriously, I am having fun figuring out ways to save on my grocery bills!  I would've never imagined how this whole "couponing" deal would pay off at the end of each month.  HOWEVER, it translates to this...

I've added yet another "task" to my daily routine... ORGANIZING!  These ladies say that the key to couponing is ORGANIZATION.  I've been in the process of organizing my coupons by categories inside a 3-ring binder, but I feel so overwhelmed just thinking about it.  I have some coupons already in the binder... but I still have a ridiculous amount of cut coupons in my little "accordion-like" coupon organizer (not pictured), uncut pages & pages of new coupons, AND the coupons I grabbed from my new "coupon swap" group.  Wonderful, right?  HELP!  What do I do?

I guess I'll continue to live "one day at a time"...

I'll be sure to share the final product (aka organized binder). 

By the way, I got these ladies to host a Coupon Workshop at my church on Saturday, June 19th @ 9:30am!!!  Come if you're in the area!!!!!  You won't regret it!

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  1. Good for you on the coupon clipping, I did that when I had my kids, it works as long as you buy things that you want and not just because its got a coupon...remember that one.

  2. Helen - with regard to the couponing-I will be praying for you! (just kidding) BUT no matter how I tried I was never able to conquer it. My children are now 36 and 37 and I tried for years and years. I do know that there are people who save TONS of money with coupons. I could never find coupons for the items I bought. LOL I must buy strange items! or the coupon items are strange! :o)

    Anyway, one day at a time is the best way and if you are meant to be a coupon queen, you will be!


  3. You should check out -- AWESOME, helpful blog about using coupons.