Sunday Afternoon

Lately I've been pondering on the undeniable value of a good night of sleep.  Since Joshua was born almost 8 months ago, sleep has been somewhat of a luxury.  Actually, "sleeping through the night" has gained a different meaning EVERY MONTH since then.  Sometimes Joshua manages to sleep for 11 hours straight.  Other times he decides that he needs some kind of attention every 2-3 hours.  And LATELY, Joshua has been consistently getting up at 2:00am to just... PLAY!  Yes, PLAY! 

Anyway, no matter how much or how little my baby sleeps at night, there is something about having him take an afternoon nap that I can't explain.  Maybe because during the day I yearn for a few minutes of productive, "just mommy" time.  It's nice to be able to take a long shower, or have an extended time with the Lord, reading the Word and praying. 

Such afternoon naps are almost NON-EXISTANT these days...

HOWEVER, I'm an SOOOO thankful that Joshua faithfully takes a nap on SUNDAY AFTERNOONS!  Maybe because he gets super overloaded with attention at church.  He gets  A LOT of attention from our church family.  Everyone wanting to hold him, get a smile from him, or simply let him know how handsome he is.  Well, today, after a weekend with my in-laws in town, it was time for Joshua to settle down and get some rest.  But this time, instead of using his nap time to get some things done, I decided to lay down next to him in our guest bedroom and nap, too.  It felt SO GOOD!!! 

I wish I had a photo of us (Joshua, me, and my husband), all napping peacefully in our guest bedroom.  :) 

Looking forward to this coming week... 

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  1. sweet, sweet post, it brings back precious memories. thanks.

  2. Enjoy your Mommy time now & take advantage of those naps...I think I lose a little more sleep with each new child!