Mother's Day at the ER - A Letter to My Firstborn

My dearest firstborn son,

This year's Mother's Day was unlike any other... and yet, it was exactly what the Lord had planned for you.  I think you know what I mean...

This past Sunday I saw true fear in your eyes.  
You were shaking.  
You were unconsolable.  
You asked me if you were going to die.  

I cannot imagine the pain you felt when that barn door crushed your finger and caused your entire nailbed to detach from your finger.  That little finger.  The terror you felt when you saw all that blood... Oh, my son, if you only knew the terror and pain I felt, too.  I wanted to take away your pain.  I wanted to stop those tears from flowing down your scared face.  I wanted everything to go back to "normal", just like you asked.  

But I am forever grateful for your strength and courage!  While we prayed for you by that ER bed, I saw you closing your eyes, tears flowing, and I could tell that Jesus was the source of your comfort.  I believe that.  Strongly.  And your faith carried you through those hours.  

Your dad and I do not take for granted that you've been so healthy.  And you've been so helpful to those around you.  Remember how hard you worked at Prairie Camp just last Saturday, cleaning, scrubbing walls, sweeping floors and moving tables and chairs?  I'm so proud of you, son!

So... for now, let's keep trusting that God will continue to heal your finger.  And whether that nail grows back or not, keep focusing on Jesus.  I'm thankful that you're ok.  Rest up.  Sit out those gym classes and recesses.  And be patient.  Daddy is right.  At least we don't have to worry about clipping that nail for a while...  

Oh... and by the way!  Your sister and brother are glad you're ok, too.  Did you know they stayed in that ER waiting room for all those hours, WAITING patiently for us to come out of those doors.  I'm so thankful for them, too... and for grandma for keeping an eye on them!  

Mommy loves you!

"...but whoever listens to me will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster."  Proverbs 1:33

ps: I am fully aware that some of you have experienced unthinkable times at the ER yourselves... worse accidents, chronic illnesses, sad diagnosis, and even loss.  I hope you know how much God cares for you and your child.  Whether it's a small finger injury or a heart diagnosis... I believe with all my heart that God cares and hurts with us.  

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