My February Favorites

Today I am sitting down to catch up and put into words a few of my favorite things from the month of February.  Some other media sources call this their "monthly favorites", "February favorites", or "monthly loves (& hates)".  I love watching, reading, and listening to those posts, videos and podcasts.  And I've been absolutely mesmerized by what people choose to do with their time and resources.

So, here on this platform, I'm choosing to name THREE THINGS I'VE BEEN LOVING from the month of February.  
I have a list from January, too, but since we're well into March, I thought I'd mention my favorites from February!  If you're curious about my January list, just comment below...  How about that?  

Favorite #1: READING
If you know me, you know I love to read.  I've been a consistent reader of mostly non-fiction books for the past several years, and I tend to always appreciate sitting down with a book.  But this past month (and actually, since the beginning of 2017), I've been committing myself to reading more books from different genres.  Thus, one of my favorite things lately has been READING.  This past month I got recommendations from different bloggers, book clubs, and especially podcasts (more on that later...).  
Books I read in February:
I am currently in the process of writing short reviews on each of the books that I read on a separate tab page here on the blog.  So stay tuned!  

All I have to say is that from the books mentioned above, I read and truly enjoyed all of them, with the exception of Divided Kingdom, which I "abandoned" 82 pages into it.  Might revisit it, but no current plans to do so at the moment.  

Favorite #2: WSIRN (What Should I Read Next?) Podcast with Anne Bogel.  

Oh, how I enjoyed discovering this podcast a few months ago!  Every week, Anne interviews someone who shares 3 books they love, 1 book they hate, what they're reading now, and then Anne does a little literary matchmaking to recommend what they should read next!  It's a fascinating way to hear about books!  I've been adding books to my list like crazy!  But what I'm loving about her podcast is that I'm discovering how much reading and our personal preferences can shape our worldview, our temperaments, and the way we grow as human beings.  Anne is also the one behind the Modern Mrs. Darcy website where geeking out about books and fashion lifestyles come together!  If you haven't yet subscribed to her podcast or checked out her blog, book clubs or Modern Mrs. Darcy, don't delay!  She's truly a delight!

Favorite #3: Sleepy Time Tea
I'm drinking this nightly.  Yes, friends... Every. Single. Night.  Usually with a book at hand as well...  Haha.  Enough said.  It's calming.  It's warm.  It's soothing in a way that makes my evenings at home the perfect way to end a crazy day with the kids.  

Okay!  So... what are YOU loving lately?  What were your favorite things from the month of February?  What did you read?  What are you reading?  Have you tried anything new lately?  I'm curious to hear from you!

Oh... and stay tuned for the Book Reviews tab... coming soon!  

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