"tis the Season..."

Life has a way of sneaking up on me around this time of year.  

This is such a beautiful season, and despite the cold temperatures out on my thermometer (currently marking a generous 31 degrees), I'm feeling the warmth of God's love, provision and protection over me and my loved ones.  How else can I explain the pure sense of peace in the midst of chaos, lack of sleep routines, and endless loads of dirty laundry staring at me?  

Let's just say... I'm choosing to focus on Jesus.  

This IS the season to look to Jesus.  
To focus on Jesus.  To celebrate Jesus.  To remind ourselves that JESUS is the reason why we even have this holiday called Christmas.  
So... today...  If you're feeling overwhelmed because you haven't started your Christmas shopping... or if you're rushing to find the perfect Christmas dinner menu, or trying to get the house impeccable for your many guests,... or you're just trying to keep up with your daily chores including that huge pile of dishes in the sink...  
The baby who was born thousands of years ago when the world around him was in raw turmoil.
The King who left his heavenly throne to take his first breaths in a stable... a barn... and lay in a manger.
Jesus, the Son of God...  God Himself in flesh.
My Savior.

What are YOU choosing to focus on today?

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  1. God bless you Helen! Love your picture...you look great. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year focusing on Him!