Did I just take a 2 month hiatus??  

Life happens when you're busy doing other things...
So I've heard it say.
I miss blogging.
I miss sharing my thoughts with you all.
I miss the interaction I have with those of you who take your time to comment...
... or those who simply stop by to say hello.
So much has happened these last couple of months that I would be crazy to try to summarize them into one single post.  
So I decided to just... keep moving forward.  
That's right.  
I'm doing well, and God's been awesome!
There were some changes around here, but overall... God is FAITHFUL and full of grace and mercy.
I am seriously committing myself to blogging again and MORE often than before.  
I'm cleaning up the clutter, pruning the bad, creating space for the good, and sharing them with you all!
It's good to sit down and type away... 
So here I come!

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  1. Welcome back, Helen! Can't wait to see what you have in store for your blog!

  2. Awe, welcome back...love the look of your blog too!