Firstborn Son

Today's post will be all about my
Firstborn Son.
Since the birth of his little sister, exactly 7 weeks ago, Joshua became my "big boy".
I find myself craving alone time with him...
Sometimes I see it in his eyes that he longs for his alone time with mamma too.
"Am I patient enough with him?"
His vocabulary is growing.
We like playing the Mamma-Joshua game (where Joshua says "mamma!" really loud, and I say "Joshua" back... hmm, you gotta be there to understand how entertaining this can be)
I see his hesitation to approach his baby sister - but his growing concern for her distress.
He enjoys the outdoors.
He enjoys books.
He enjoys tractors, trains, trucks, and cars.
He enjoys company.
He prays for Mamma, Daddy, Josh, and "Ah-die" (his version of Elsie) every night.
He possesses the greatest smile!
And the loudest scream when hungry for attention.

But... Oh how I love my Firstborn Son!

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  1. That is so sweet about your son, and your daughter is so cute!