The beauty in the routine things of life...

Life's strangely busy when you're transitioning from having a family of 3, to a family of 4...
(If you're a family of "many", you probably KNOW more about this subject than me...)

For the past 4 1/2 weeks, my routine has been surrounded by the basic needs of a 2 year-old boy, and a 4 1/2 week-old precious girl.  OH, HOW I LOVE THEM BOTH... despite the crying, screaming, whining, messy diapers, and more screaming.  

But, really, how can I forget the GOODNESS of my Heavenly Father in moments like these.  God continues to bless me with health and enough strength for each day.  So, here is when I pause to highlight the BEAUTY I'm able to find in the routine of each day...

1.  Sleepless nights 
- extra moments to rely on God's strength and patience.

2.  Nursing a hungry baby 
- moments to memorize her face and praise God for her existence in mine.

3.  Reading books to my 2 year-old son (for the 5th, 6th, 7th time in a row) 
- praise God for a boy who likes books!!!   Right???

4.  House chores (dishes, DAILY laundry, cooking, picking up toys, etc) 
- blessed to have the ability to move.

5.  Dirty diapers 
- hmmm...  no words to follow that.

- Amen to that!

I'm learning daily that having a routine, rather it's busy, boring, monotonous, tiring, or just plain slow, is a blessing.  I know others who live an unpredictable life... a life that requires constant vigilance due to fear, lack of safety, and continuing chaos.  So, nothing wrong with my routine, I'd say.

So, what did I get to do today?
Rest, feed/nurse, change diapers, read books, eat breakfast with my family, laundry, dishes, pick up toys...  OH... I also got to see a friend and her kids, walk around a nearby local town, check out the local candy store, and even watch an ugly storm approach our house (just to miss it completely!).  

What about you??  Do you see beauty in your routine?

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  1. As to the dirty is proof that they are in good health. You can see that what goes in comes out as it should. I read a blog of someone with an infant who is on kidney dialysis and prays daily that she may have dirty diapers to change.

  2. great post, helen. so encouraging. :)
    as for the dirty diapers - this week, I realized how thankful I am when they don't contain blood.. holding my breath each time I examine them. (we think it's because of a cold, but off to the pediatric gastoenterologist we go).
    praise God for your two beautiful little ones.

  3. God is a God of our evert moments, large and small. Children are truly a blessing from God, and scheduales are too. :~D

  4. I remember those days...and it does pass so quickly. I love your positive thoughts on all that it entails. Sometimes I miss that age...then I realize the independence is sorta nice too...hmmm....

    Praying God blesses you and keeps you all healthy and growing together in love! =)

  5. It is quite an adjustment around here, too. I think things are finally settling down as I learn my new limits as to what I can accomplish now.
    I am envious of your dirty diapers, though. A gassy baby is worse! :)

  6. What you did reminds me of using "reframes". You've spun what could be stressful into something beautiful. I love your outlook on life!