Rainy mornings...

I have a fond attraction to rainy mornings.  
There's something so calming about waking up to a cloudy day, listening to rain drops and distant thunder.  

Today was one of those mornings...

For the past 2 weeks, my dear husband has taken my toddler to my in-laws, to do some work in their farm, to bless Joshua with some grandma time, and to bless me with some deserved rest.  One of the blessings I'm given is the opportunity to sleep in... and this morning I did just that!  My heart is so full... and waking up to a dreary, cloudy, and rainy day did not just bring a calming start to my day... it truly blessed me.
The view from my bedroom window
With a cup nice cup of Chai/Coffee mix, I opened my Bible and read this:

"Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days."
Psalm 90:14

And that is how I feel today.  


Rainy mornings reminds me of FOND MEMORIES I have of waking up in the beloved city of Seattle.  Oh, how I miss those mornings... those days, those years.  If someone were to ask me where I would most likely be if I could CHOOSE to live anywhere, I would, without hesitation, answer them: "SEATTLE".  I can vividly remember the smell of the streets, the faces of dear friends, my freedom to grow, laugh, walk, challenge myself, hurt, heal, and even fall.  Those were critical years in a life I WOULD NOT CHANGE for anything.  

Maybe that's why rainy mornings are so dear to me.  

Isn't God wonderful?  

He chooses to gift me with a wonderful family, new friends, and PEACE.  In a world where chaos and uncertainties mark the attitudes of so many around us, I can wake up in the morning (after sleeping in...) and be reminded of God's unfailing love, fond memories of a physical place in Seattle, and the faces of those who made me who I am today.  

What do rainy mornings ignite in you?  

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  1. beautiful post. you do deserve to sleep in!

    rainy days are most enjoyable if you can stay in the comforts of home. otherwise... not such a big fan.

  2. I love the rain, but here in San Diego we do not get that much of it...I love staying in on the days when it does rain, and that will start in about October...

    Nice that you had a great relaxing morning!

    Have a great 4th of July

  3. Loved your post, beautiful pics. Did you take them?

  4. So beautiful Helen...the joy you find in rainy days. I appreciate the rain, but the grey clouds hovering and creating gloom aren't necessarily my favorite.