4th of July Weekend in Review

We had a full weekend!  
I can't believe I'm still going-going-going and this baby hasn't come, yet!  
I'm thankful, though... and feeling healthy and ready for what's ahead.

This weekend was packed!  I was hesitant to go to all of the activities on our calendar, but trusted that God would bring this baby at the right time.  

So, on Saturday, we ventured out for a fun afternoon with some friends at the Old Bag Factory here in Goshen, IN.  Failed to take many pictures there, but managed to take these shots... Joshua LOVES going on slides and this one he could not resist!  5 minutes into it, he was already going up and down by himself!

Then, he experimented with those "bouncy/blow up thingies", and he LOVED it, too!  Of course, since I couldn't go in there with him, daddy had to join in the fun.

On Sunday we had our church service held at the local park, then, ONCE AGAIN, a rich picnic potluck did not disappoint.  We couldn't stay long, since we had plans to join Joel's family at the lake cottage.  Here are some of the fun shots of Joshua, enjoying the water with his cousins.

After an exhausting Saturday and Sunday, my plans were to lounge at home and enjoy the holiday with my family... not going anywhere.  
BUT, we decided to explore our local Blueberry Farm.  
Have you ever experienced going to a place where you "thought" you knew what you were getting yourself into, UNTIL YOU GET THERE!  

I had NEVER seen such big, plump, and sweet blueberries in my ENTIRE life!  
I am NOT joking!  

Joshua was in heaven!  For the first 15 minutes, he kept either eating blueberries from our buckets, or picking them from the bushes... one after the other!  I think he ate so many blueberries that he started to get sick!  

After picking these wonderful berries under the hot high-80s weather for about an hour, we decided it was time to retreat and go home.  Needless to say, Joshua DID NOT want any more blueberries when he got home.  

So, what did we do with all 14 pounds of blueberries we picked??  
Keep reading...

After a LONG afternoon nap, Joel surprised me by showing me the "first pickings" of our garden:  
Green Beans galore!!  Can you believe this??

So, we sat outside and snapped beans for a little over an hour, while watching Joshua wander around the yard with his wheel barrel, lawn mower, big wheels, or... by foot.  I love that boy!  Oh, and once in a while he would come by to grab a green bean to eat "on the go".  Yup, this boy was eating raw green beans!!  So proud!

We feel so blessed!

That night, after putting Joshua to bed, Joel and I decided to end our 4th of July day (a day that was supposed to be lay back and restful) by processing and canning the green beans

 and making a few pints of blueberry jam...  

YUM!  Yup, that's what I ended up doing with some of the fresh berries. 
 LOTS of work but OH SO WORTH IT!  
The rest of the blueberries are now nicely sitting on my freezer in the basement.  

I feel so blessed!

ps:  Quick update...  went to the Dr. today and no progress, yet...  hanging in there, until this baby decides to come into this "busy" world.  Can't wait!

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  1. Agh so cute! And you really did up some veggies and berries in those cans! I need to relearn how to do that. I was taught when I was younger, but it's long gone from my brain lol.

  2. Those are freakin' huge blueberry's.
    Your a winner over at The Dress-up Drawer! Come on over to claim your prize!


  3. MMMMMMMMM. those blueberries, and green beans look so yummy!

    That seems like a great day to me :)

    Happy pushing!

  4. Ok, I contacted Julie Ann Art, and she should be getting back to you on your prize!

  5. Hello Helen, I just want to thank you for keeping me in your prayers and for the encouraging words.

    Your little one is just too cute!