I've been keeping a journal for over 22 years.  That's right!  I started keeping a "diary" back in my elementary school days, when I NEEDED a safe place to share my thoughts about my biggest crush, daily events, and secret feelings.  I never thought I would still be journaling... some 22 years later.  LATELY, though, my journal writing/recording has been focusing on immediate, intimate, and somewhat identical topics:
(WOW, I actually found 3 words that start with the letter "I"!!!  Yay!) 

God's LOVE
God's PURPOSE for ME

Yesterday was a tough day... I felt inadequate, under-equipped, tired, and frustrated.  Despite pouring my heart out to the Lord during my "quiet time", I could not find the peace I needed to get my attitude in the right place...

This morning, I woke up with a simple thought.  I knew it was God's still small voice, speaking directly to me as I was opening my eyes and welcoming a NEW DAY.  

"Helen... Take every opportunity to LOVE on your child."  

God says, "I do".  From the rising of the sun... to the end of each day, that's what God does to me.  He takes every opportunity to show me His unfailing and unconditional love.  

What about YOU?  What has God been showing you lately?  What have you been journaling about?  Is HE speaking to you as you welcome each day?  

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us Helen...from your personal journey. I need to get back to quiet time...after having been away for the weekend. I look forward too it!