Mindless afternoons...

This will be a quick one...

You guys KNOW that I love testing new products and scoring some FREE stuff, right?  Most of you out there already know about SWAGBUCKS (which, by the way, I JUST scored enough points... just by doing my daily internet searches... and will be redeeming them for a $50 Amazon.com giftcard!  I am so excited!

Ok, so, recently I've been experimenting with this new site called CRAWDTAP.  Crowdtap is an online community that connects consumers with brands so we, as consumers, can directly influence new products and marketing ideas...  you can earn cash and FREE stuff.  And you know I LOVE finding new deal, right?  Crowdtap sounded really interested.  Oh, I didn't mention this...  5% of your earnings will go directly to the charity organization that you choose (they give you some options on the site).  It's pretty cool!  I've only spent about 20-30 minutes on there and already got a few points towards some rewards...  like I said, pretty cool!  You can check them out by clicking here.

Ok, I said this was going to be short... so I'm out!  

Will be back for more meaningful postings later...  just wanted to share something I found on this MINDLESS AFTERNOON.... haha. :)

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  1. I'm not familiar with either, but an amazon gift card would definitely be nice! =) Congrats.

  2. I just started Swagbucks about a couple wks. ago! I haven't gotten my 1st reward yet but I can't wait! I have 145 bucks @ the moment.