Tractor Weekend...

What is it with boys and their tractors??


Joshua's favorite toy is his tractor... 

 Joel's favorite "toys" are his tractors...

Well, this past weekend Joel took us to Indiana for a Steam Show. 

Have you ever been to car shows, antique shows, antique car shows, expos, etc?  Well... this was a "playground" for tractor lovers like my husband.  And he did not go into the show empty-handed... oh no... that wouldn't be my husband, would it?  He had a chance to show off a few of his babies (besides our precious Joshua, of course!).  Check them out!

But playing with tractors wasn't the only thing we got to do.  Joshua had a chance to play with cousin Maddie a bit.  They do try to play together.  Joshua chases Maddie...

Aren't they so cute??

...then Maddie chases him back!

But after a beautiful and sunny day... the rain came... and cooled us all down!

On our way back, we stopped by "Big Boy"...  (don't ask me why...) my first time. 
Joshua really liked the "Big Boy" outside. :)

The boys had fun! 
And for a mother/wife like me, sometimes that's what counts

What about you?  What did YOU do this past weekend??

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  1. What a beautiful family...Joel is darling and so is Maddie. My husband would be so jealous! This weekend I put a little kids card table on the deck. Brought out watercolor paints, pulled some leaves off plants and my 4 yr old granddaughter and I painted leaves and pressed them on paper to make wonderful works of art! She loved it and that's what counts!

  2. Joshua is so cute! I could just squeeze his little man cheeks! Love the photos. Looks like a fun weekend.

    We attended overlapping birthday was interesting to say the least...but how can you chose one over the other?!?! =)

  3. What a cutie! You always have such great photos, too!
    We went to Ag Progress Days last week here. Lots of tractors! We like the red ones best. My hubby is actually out working on his right now- it is a Farmall A (from the 40s or 50s).

  4. Oh goodness Helen, I wish I would have gone with you. I also like tractors, John Deere tractors that is. Joshua and his cousin look like they had alot of fun. He is getting so big.

  5. Great post, Helen. Beautiful pictures and wonderful memories.