No Regrets

For the past 8 weeks, a group of mothers from my church met together on Tuesday mornings for a book discussion.  It wasn't your normal ladies' Bible study.  It was purely a time for us-mothers to talk about what we were reading.  I guess you can call it a book study. 

We went over the principles discussed in the book "The Power of a Positive Mom" by Karol Ladd.  It's been a joy to be able to spend some time with other moms, as well as be able to connect, meet, and share ideas with some moms I wouldn't have had the opportunity to interact before.  The Lord orchestrated these gatherings so perfectly, and I praise Him for showing Himself real to me through these last few weeks.

I could share many many MANY good things about this book (which, by the way... I confess I wouldn't have "normally" picked up myself... but I'm so glad I did).  However, I am simply going to share the somewhat summary included on its last chapter. 

Whatever your circumstances, you can continue onward and upward by applying these seven power-packed principles of a positive mom:
1.  Seize every opportunity to give encouragement.
2.  Stay in prayer.
3.  Stop whining and keep a positive attitude.
4.  Strengthen your relationships with family, friends, and mentors.
5.  Set a good example.
6.  Seek God's standards in life.
7.  Send a message of love and forgiveness.

I think I might go back and re-read some of the chapters... it was well worth the time on Tuesday mornings. 

I am also very excited that we will start reading "The Power of a Positive Woman" by Karol Ladd this coming Fall.  I already started reading (yes, I'm "cheating") and I already like it a lot.  Stay tuned!!!

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  1. This is such a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing the tips. I will have to go and buy it, sounds interesting.

  2. I wouldn't normally pick up books like that either thank you for the insight into it. =) It looks like she has some very good points.