Snowed In...

I'm snowed in.  I've been snowed in for the past 2 days.  Being a girl who grew up in California, then lived in Seattle for 7 years, I am SO not a fan of snow!  However, ironically, the Lord brought me to the mid-west some 6 years ago... I endured winters in Chicago, and now in Cleveland.  Still... NOT a fan of snow.

Anyway, this last weekend, my husband and I took Joshua to Cincinatti to attend our district's Pastors and Wives Retreat.  It was a good and relaxing time - a time to reflect on God's calling and future direction.  I was encouraged by the speaker's challenge to all the pastors present.  He said, "Make sure you take care of your family first.  Remember that God created family before the Church ever existed!"  That's good wisdom.

It was Joshua's first time staying at a hotel, away from his crib for more than a night.  He didn't want to sleep in his pack&play, so we "let him" stay here... between mommy and daddy.

And it was also his first time being mesmerized by turtles and fish... look at his precious face!

And here he is looking down from the fancy elevator. 

Fun and insightful times!  Thank you, Lord!

On a different note:
I've been busy creating new designs for my Etsy shop onesies. 
Also, I've been trying out different ways to make them fun (and cute). 
I'll be posting and listing them by the end of this week!

God bless!

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  1. he is so cute! I am snowed in, too!

  2. That's wonderful and it sounds like you had a great time! =)

  3. Hi fellow Etsy Mom!
    Cute baby.
    I'm a California kid too, who lived in Portland, OR for about 10 years - then was transplanted to Denver. Not a fan of snow either, except the first snow day when you feel liberated from all your work like your kids are liberated from school...
    Love your blog and your etsy shop. Come and visit mine -

  4. I love the elevator picture. My son was always terrified...and still is!