Letting The Words Flow... Inhaling & Exhaling

I recently heard that if you're a writer, a poet, a baker, a runner, or anything that requires consistent action and practice, you're also meant to do those things regardless of your audience.  Do it quietly.  Do it without accolade.  And more importantly, do it for yourself.  For the simple act of exercising your gift.
So today I'm letting the fingers tap on the keys of my laptop without the pressure of actually hitting "publish".  Which, in all reality, isn't it why I started blogging in the first place?  To write without the intention of showing off some sort of ability?  

For the past week I've been getting up a bit earlier than everyone in the house.  It's quiet and I get some uninterrupted time to read my Bible and journal my early thoughts on paper.  Believe it or not, I'm enjoying the roll of my Pilot Precise V5 RT black pen on paper!  Haha... seriously, my newfound FAVORITE pen in the whole world!  Writing is an outlet for me.  And writing isn't for recognition or affirmation.  It's like breathing for me.  I write because the words flow and I love watching it flow.  

But I also read because just as I love to exhale my words out into paper, I also love to inhale the words from a printed page into my soul.  

Are you a word lover, too?

Maybe that's why I connect with God through God's Word so much.  He speaks my language.  His very word penetrates my soul the way any other instrument does.  Maybe music...  Maybe.

So today I'm letting these words flow... again... here... 

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