Starting Over... Again...

I'm not embarrassed to say that "it's been a while" since I blogged.

Or.. maybe I should?
Life has a way of getting in the way... but really... LIFE IS what really happens when you stop to take care of family, business, and relationships.

Over 4 months has passed and I'm BACK!
Back at writing my thoughts here on this beloved blog.  I'm choosing to create space and make writing a habit again.  A GOOD habit.  A way to connect.  To converse.  To leave my thoughts out there, regardless of how safe, open or available the destination is.  Who's my audience anyway???

As I look around my living room (where my laptop quietly sits on most days), I am overly aware that my house is a mess!  Crayons, toys, papers, coloring books, random pillows, books, recycling items (out of the recycling bin, mind you...), and a sense of restlessness lingering around my house on this Friday afternoon.  

And yet... I'm at peace.

There's something about letting God take over the temporary details of this temporary life.  I am called daily to take up my cross, to think and invest on eternal endeavors, and THAT, my friends, allows me to focus on an Eternal God.  With Eternal purpose.  Who will unconditionally love and accept me, despite my crazy and "messy" circumstances.

Are you looking to find a way to reconnect with someone?
Are you looking to find a way to motivate yourself to reach that goal?
Are you looking to get back into the swing of things?
Are you struggling to find peace?
Are you tired?

Let me encourage you today.

God's Presence is just a cry away... Just say His name...  And He's there.  

I promise you.

I'm starting my blogging journey... Again!  

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