Joshua is 3 years old!!!

Dear Joshua,

From the first moment I saw you, I knew my love for you would only grow.
You're THREE years-old now. 
Actually... you turned 3 on Monday... and as always, mommy is a little late posting "news" on her blog :)
Anyway, as a young, energetic, creative, full of life, and lover of all things with wheels and engines... 
Joshua, you ARE my son.  
Thank you for bringing life and joy into my life.
Thank you for mastering the potty the week before your 3rd birthday
(just like you mastered walking the week before your 1st birthday).
Thank you for being a caring and loving brother to your sister Elsie,
and for being such a big helper to your Daddy.
I might not always love reading the same book 7 times in a row to you... but I DO love your enthusiasm for books, Little Einstein DVDs, tractors, and chickens :)
I pray for you daily.
And my prayer will continue to be this: 
"Lord, prepare his heart to know You as His Lord and Savior, so that he will one day serve you and be a leader for his generation."  

Mommy loves you, Joshua!

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  1. Happy 3rd Birthday, Joshua! What a cutie you are!